10 Simple Beauty Shortcuts When In A Hurry

Posted on Mar 5 2014 - 9:12pm by girlyadmin

Sometimes we notice last minute issues with our beauty when we’re about to leave our house. It’s always when we’re about to leave that you notice something wrong right!? Or how about those times where we want instant gratification? I have a quick and simple list for beauty shortcuts or hacks that you must try whether you’re in a hurry or not. Here they are!

  1. About to leave for work but have a shiny face? Try using hand sanitizer. Author and model Shelley Goodstein says, “The ingredient they have in common that works for this trick is dimethicone, a type of silicone. It smooths like a primer and provides a protective coat locking in moisture which creates the shine.” Check out more of Shelley’s beauty tips in her book, “Face This.”
  2. Another quick beauty shortcut which I have used many times is Chapstick for a dry nose. Whether your nose is dry from the harsh winter cold, or from the common cold, Chapstick has been my life saver many a time. I use Bert’s Bees for my lips, and when I’ve been at work with a cold or runny nose this has saved my life. It helps soothe the dry skin on your nose just as it would your dry lips. Obviously after you use it, make sure you label it so you don’t put it back on your lips. Ew…
  3. Have an annoying ugly pimple? Help reduce the redness and inflammation by putting some full fat Greek yogurt on it. Let it dry for about 20 minutes (and why not have a snack in between). Once it’s dry, wash it off with warm water. Dermatologists say the yogurt has lactic acid in it which helps unclog the pore, and the probiotics in it help to balance bacteria. Lastly, the fat will help moisturize. Don’t worry it won’t clog your skin.
  4. You know it sucks when you’re in a hurry and you burn yourself with your curling or flat iron. It it’s just a small burn, try rubbing a thick layer of honey on it rather than using ice. It cuts the sting and actually helps provide antibacterial protection. You can use honey for minor cuts as well. It has the same effect.
  5. Have you recently started to notice yourself getting dandruff, but have an almost new bottle of shampoo? This is a pain as you don’t want to spend more money to go buy a new bottle of dandruff shampoo. Or maybe you just don’t have the time. Try adding 2 crushed aspirin to your already favorite shampoo. Beauty expert Alexis Wolfer says “The pills’ salicylic acid breaks down dead skin cells and product buildup.” A quick, easy fix and also a money saver.
  6. Try making your own foot scrub to exfoliate your feet. Now I know this one doesn’t really save time, but it does help save money. Mix together 2 tablespoons of brown sugar and 1/2 cup of coconut oil. Apply to your feet in a circular motion. Dermatologists say doing this helps get rid off a lot of dead skin. Once your done putting it on and your feet feel pretty good, wash them off with warm water and a warm washcloth.
  7. This next shortcut I do often, especially after a late night out. When you’re at the grocery store, grab a couple extra cucumbers. Use the cold cucumbers under or on your eyelids to help decrease puffiness. Dermatologists also recommend tea bags.
  8. Did you know just how great your toothbrush is for beauty? You can use a toothbrush to help exfoliate your lips or to de-clump your mascara. Make small circular motions on your lips to help exfoliate. This you can use your everyday toothbrush for, but for de-clumping mascara, obviously use a different one.
  9. Create a longer lasting blowout by squeezing a small amount of fresh lemon juice on a cotton ball. Use this to dab at the root area to absorb excess oils and also leave you with some awesome smelling hair. This fun shortcut was found from celebrity hairstylist, Peter Coppola.
  10. This last shortcut also takes awhile. I recommend doing this at night or if you have a longer commute to work. Anyways, try swishing coconut oil in your mouth for 20 minutes for whiter teeth. Dentists say it can also help get rid of cavities. Just make sure you don’t have any important phone calls coming in when doing this.

I love these 10 beauty shortcuts as I already have most of this stuff you need in my home. No spending money on expensive brands and names that can do the same thing.

Hope all these great shortcuts help. Got any more? Please share!!


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