11Radio.com… Let the Music PLay!

Posted on Jan 23 2014 - 5:38pm by girlyadmin

Music is universal, a language all in itself. No matter what type of music one listens to, we all can relate to a melody of a song. It touches our emotions. Music is one of my passions. This is why I want to write about an exciting, entertaining, well informed website for all music lovers. It’s called 11radio.com. I listen to 11radio.com everyday. It’s hosted by Joe Carroccio who is an entertainer, vocalist, musician and lead singer and bass player for his own band, Sea of Love. I have been to events that Joe Carroccio’s band Sea Of Love has performed at, and his band is awesome. I love the variety of music that Sea Of Love performs.

11radio.com is a look into musicians and composers from around the globe. I truly enjoy the interviews of these artists on “Musicians Speak Out,” along with listening to their music. From rock, to jazz, to R&B and Country the list is impressive on 11radio.com.  This site is totally worth checking into.  I have listened to some beautiful music and everyday I get excited listening to a new artist on 11radio. Hats off to Joe Carroccio who has created this delightful and informative site, 11radio.com.

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