15 Things to Try When You Can’t Sleep

Posted on Apr 18 2014 - 5:50pm by girlyadmin

Getting a good nights rest is so important for your health. Getting good sleep helps us work better, think better and be more energized. Most importantly when we sleep our body uses this time to repair itself. Unfortunately, not everyone can get a good nights sleep every night. I’m the worst sleeper ever I feel like. I’m such a light sleeper, and I wake up for every little thing. I definitely need help getting a better nights sleep. Ironically these past few days have been the worst, hence my inspiration for this blog. Many people lose sleep due to stress and not being able to shut off their mind. Personally I think about everything when I’m going to sleep which is not good. I need to turn off my mind and thoughts. I found this great list from postivemed.com that has helped me get a little bit better sleep. Here are the 15 things you can try when you just can’t sleep.

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  1. This may sound simple, but it’s very important. You need to make yourself comfortable. From sheets to pajamas, to temperature of your room, everything needs to be set to you preference and liking.
  2. This one is tough for me as I’m not a fan of the dark, but your room needs to be completely dark. Cover up those digital clocks and any other light seeping through. Like me and not a fan of the dark? Use a sleeping mask.
  3. Try to keep your noise to a minimum. Silence is best for sleeping, however not many people enjoy that. If you need a little noise try using a white noise machine or soft soothing sounds like light waves or crickets.
  4. Relax and take a nice soothing bath before you go to bed. Taking a bath before bed helps reduce stress and helps you refresh your mind and body.
  5. I am a big fan of reading. Reading before you go to bed (something not too stimulating) can help relax you.
  6. Make sure you have fresh, clean bed linens. Fresh sheets help make you feel more clean and cozy, especially after your bath.Try a spray in between washes to keep your sheets smelling fresh and feeling clean.
  7. Don’t force yourself to sleep. Trying too hard will only make it worse. Relax and just let it come naturally. If you can’t sleep right away, do something to divert your attention and not think so much about falling asleep. Sleep will usually come easier after doing this.
  8. Try going to bed at the same time every night. Yes, even on the weekends. This may be hard to do, but your body will fall into a pattern and it will help you fall asleep faster and sleep better. Too much change messes up your habits and routine.
  9. Be aware of your breathing. Studies show that deep breathing helps relax you and also helps induce sleep. Why do you think breathing is so important in yoga?
  10. Keep a pillow or separator in between your legs while you sleep. This can help reduce leg pain from your day and helps relax your leg muscles.
  11. Do not eat before you go to bed. Not only does this help promote weight gain, but studies show eating before sleep creates activity in your body that can keep you from fully relaxing.
  12. Try to keep electronics such as your phone, Ipad, and especially your TV out of your room. TV can often times distract you and of course keep you from falling asleep right away.
  13. Keep serious matters and conversations for the daytime. Serious matters can cause you to overthink and keep your brain stimulated which results in a poor nights sleep. This is my biggest problem. I try to write about it if I just can’t seem to shut off my mind.
  14. We all love naps, but do try to avoid them when possible. Doing this can disturb our bodies sleep routine. If you do need a nap, only take one for a max of 20 minutes, no longer.
  15. Lastly, try to refrain from any caffeine after 4 pm. This definitely can keep you up later and longer.

So if you’re a bad sleeper like me or just occasionally have a bad nights rest, this list is a great way to help fix that. I hope this helps all those restless sleepers. Any other great ideas out there? Feel free to leave a response. The more ways and ideas to help you sleep the better!

Source: positivemed.com
Photo source: positivemed.com

Photo source: positivemed.com

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