7 Quick and Easy Ways to Spa-Up Your Bathroom

Posted on May 19 2014 - 4:23am by girlyadmin

Oh spa days. Everybody loves them, but not everyone has the time or budget to have them. I love going to the spa; the smell, the atmosphere, the music. Everything about it is relaxing and stress free. I’ve honestly never had a massage or facial at a spa, but I have taken advantage of the other amenities they offer which include the jacuzzi and steam room.

Obviously I can’t go to the spa all the time, as most people can’t. So why not bring the spa to your home? I have 7 quick and easy ways to spa-up your bathroom to help you do just that! Check them out and save money!

(Note: obviously I couldn’t make the steam room happen, but hey, at least you got everything else right in your own home! The jacuzzi part is of course just your tub.)

1.  First step, add lots of white, fluffy things. This of course includes towels. Also, buy yourself a nice fluffy white robe to hang on the back of your bathroom door. White really helps lighten up the mood, which is why most spas use white everything. Relax in your robe and really get the spa feel going.

2.  Don’t use labels. Try buying your own soap dispensers and adding nice smelling, stress free soaps to it. Bath and body works has great aromatherapy scents that you can choose from. My favorite is the eucalyptus mint stress relief. Anyways, different colored labels and jumbled stickers can mismatch and look messy. Sometimes this can cause anxiety (Honestly! It’s like I mentioned in a previous blog about de-cluttering your space). Besides, everything looks so much nicer when it’s matching. Also, it really adds a nice touch to that spa look and feel.

3.  Add a natural looking sponge or loofah. These also really gives a nice spa look and feel. Loofahs also are great for exfoliation which we know is an important thing in spas. Just be sure to replace it when it looks drabby.

4.  Buy a pretty tray and use a pretty bar soap. It not only adds a nice smell to your bathroom but also adds an organic spa-like look to the space. Try to buy ones that have relaxing smells such as mint, lavender or rosemary. Try matching your tray and soap dispenser together.

5.  Add a nice, soothing fragrance. Again, bath and body works has a great aroma therapy section that I love to use for my bathroom. I use a stress free candle with the smell of eucalyptus mint and a bubble bath that is also stress free and with a fragrance of eucalyptus tea. They both smell amazing and definitely give that spa feel and smell. Lavender is another great and soothing smell that is good for sleep.


6.  Splurge on just one spa product. Did you have a facial at a spa one time and just loved the stuff they put on your face? Why not bring it home with you? It will remind you of the time you had a facial and also soothe you. And of course give you a spa feel at home.

7.  Last but not least, silence. Everyone knows the quote, “silence is golden.” I know not many people get time alone or have quiet time in the house, but when you do, take advantage of it. Try putting on some soft, soothing music. If you have the house completely alone, try going for total silence. This is something not even a spa can offer, and it could help you more.

Not so hard right? I completely love this idea! My boyfriend loves spas too, so I can’t wait to transform our bathroom. As I mentioned before, I do already have the bubble bath and the candle. That’s already a major difference and start. Give this a try. I know you’ll love it!!

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