7 Tips for Surviving the First Days/Weeks with a Newborn

Posted on Jul 29 2014 - 6:48pm by girlyadmin

I have 7 great tips for surviving the first few days/weeks with a newborn! As I mentioned in previous posts, I know quite a few wonderful people who are having babies this year or who have just recently had babies. I found this great post from mothersniche.com that had so many great ideas for all you new mommies to help keep you from being overwhelmed! Being a new mommy can be so exciting yet kinda scary and confusing at times too. I hope these 7 tips for surviving the first few days with a newborn help you as much as they helped one of my friends!

photo source: mothersniche.com

photo source: mothersniche.com

  1. So first on this wonderful list is to keep a notebook nearby. Mommy brain can still takeover even after the baby has come (and yes this is a real thing). Keep the notebook near by to write down anything you need to remember such as groceries, what to make for dinner, and your to-do lists.
  2. Many people are going to ask you new mommies if you need help, like making you food. If they offer or bring food over, say yes! Sometimes making dinner can be put on the back burner, so accept outside help for this and it’s one less thing to worry about.
  3. On top of accepting food offers, if friends or family offer to help, let them! Have someone watch the baby for a bit while you take a nap, run quick errands or do laundry. Or give those tasks to the friend or family member. Whatever makes you feel more comfortable, just take the help. It’ll make a big difference.
  4. As hard as this sounds, try your best to create some sort of routine. If you’re a stay at home mom, do what my friend did and have your hubby check for things like enough diapers, wipes, and food or items that are easy to get to near your favorite spot to sit with the baby. Just have him do this before work and pick up whatever you guys need after. At night, have your man watch the baby while you pump, clean or do whatever you need to do to keep your routine going.
  5. This next item I bought my friend and it turned out to be one of the biggest things to help her. A portable baby carrier so you can go hands free! That’s why I was so excited to see that a baby carrier was on this list. Having the baby carrier can make it easier for you to clean, go grocery shopping and any other task that you need 2 hands for.
  6. Get a video monitor no matter where you put the baby. It’s great to use during the day while the baby is napping. You can watch the baby in the bassinette while cleaning up around the house or working on whatever needs to get done.
  7. For the last one, if you’re going to be a stay at home mom, send daddy to bed a little early. This way if he’s still working a full time job, he can still help you out when baby wakes up in the middle of the night. If he already has a few hours of sleep down, he can still get more after he puts the baby back to sleep.

Mommies to be just follow this list and hopefully it’ll help you catch a bit of break. Please comment with any more helpful mommy tips if you have them!

Source: mothersniche.com

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