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Hello everyone! Just wanting to give you an update on Girly Schtuff!   I appreciate everyone who has continued to follow Girly Schtuff, even with... read more

How about some outfit inspiration, or an OOTD to get your week going? I know it’s Tuesday, but sometimes we still need a little outfit inspiration... read more

Happy New Year and New Year’s Resolutions everyone! I know I’m a bit late, but a lot has already happened since the 1st. I was having having... read more

I live a very happy and blessed life, which is why I was inspired to make a daily checklist for a healthy life. Whenever I’m down or bothered, I... read more

This healthy recipe for Greek style chicken breasts was a huge hit at dinner the other day. I found this awesome healthy recipe from the Cooking Light... read more

Now that summer is almost here and I live in Phoenix, it’s time to drink more water.   Right now we’re getting excessive heat warnings... read more

Sorry it’s been awhile, but we have another outfit of the day for you! I’m so happy so many of you loved the last OOTD. Since the weather is... read more

Always wanted to know how to have a better life? Well, studies show it’s quite simple really. I’m sure many of you have seen this list before,... read more

I absolutely love organization. I don’t know too many people who don’t. Well if you’re a lot like myself, where you love organization... read more

Check out our OOTD or Outfit Of The Day! So now that I’m working at a clothing store, I’ve been shopping a lot more and getting a lot of new... read more