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Make your hair grow faster with these 8 foods. Photo source: Winter time is well on its way and will be here before you we know it. Many girls (including me), like to have long hair in the winter and have it short in the summer. I have incredibly thick hair which is why I like to have it different for the seasons. Have you ever had those moments though when you cut your hair a little shorter than you like and just want the length back? Especially now that it’s... read more

No more tired eyes with these 5 easy makeup tricks to disguise them! Couldn’t sleep, or have a late night out? No girl wants tired eyes, but after a long holiday weekend like we just had, I’m sure some of us are bound to go back to work with droopy, tired eyes. Thankfully we have 5 ways to disguise those tired eyes for you. No reason to go back to work tomorrow without looking perky and great! Let’s start with caffeine. I don’t just mean your usual cup... read more

We all know fat days suck! If you haven’t felt like you’ve had a fat day then you are very lucky. Most women have fat days and sadly most of this is in our heads. Either way, on a fat day nothing seems to fit or look right on you and it’s so frustrating. On the weekends my boyfriend and I like to indulge. As soon as the weekday comes however, I feel bloated and downright blah. I’m so thankful I found these 6 ways to beat a fat day from read more

OPI has come out with a fairly new product in which I’m very impressed with. Leave it to OPI, which is one of my favorite brands of nail polish to come out with such a useful great product It’s called OPI Glitter Off Base Coat. Definitely it caught my curiosity. I do my own nails and like to use all sorts of glitter nail polish and just nail polish in general, so I purchased the OPI Glitter Off Base Coat. If you ever have used glitter nail product on your nails, you know... read more

Have you tried a BB Cream? The past 8 months I have used a few BB Creams. It’s basically a form of makeup, foundation and skincare for your face. I have found the perfect BB Cream that I can highly recommended and it’s by Garnier. Instantly applying the BB Cream you’ll notice how it goes on smoothly, brightens, and evens out your skin tone. This is great for me because I have a bit of sun damage. The dullness and unevenness of my complexion was not bad by any means,... read more

Today we are bringing you 9 eye makeup tricks to make your eyes pop! There are so many ways you can change up your eye makeup to make your eyes look bigger, smaller, wider, brighter, anything you want. It’s all about playing with your eyeliner and other products you have. All these tips are pretty simple and easy to do yourself. Check out these 9 eye makeup... read more

Want to have great hair after the gym, but don’t want to damage it by washing it everyday? We have 4 easy styling tips to help you do just that. Many people go to the gym on their lunch break and don’t always have time to completely redo their hair. And if your hair takes as long as mine does to style, who wants to do that everyday? Check out these quick tips to have great hair after the gym, in only 5 minutes! 1.  First off, buy a spray gel. Herbal Essences has a... read more

Nail polish is great. I don’t know a single girl that doesn’t like it. Some of my favorite nail polishes are from Essie. Every year Essie comes out with a Resort collection. I know this particular one has been out for awhile this year, but it recently has caught my attention. If you haven’t seen this nail polish collection yet you should definitely... read more

In this wonderful but sometimes confusing world a smile can show an inviting, “hello” or make someones day. I have done this little experiment for the past two weeks. Everywhere I went I smiled at whoever crossed my path. The results were amazing. Many smiles and nods, but the beautiful happenings that occurred were priceless. People would stop and say,... read more

Putting lemon in your water really helps you drink much more water. Everyone knows that drinking water is good for you. You should drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. This will help keep you hydrated, and believe it or not reduce bloat and help you lose weight. Sometimes it’s hard to drink a lot of water though as it can be very boring. Plus with so many drink choices out there, water isn’t usually our first choice. Well now it should be. Jazz it up with some... read more