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No one wants dry hair. It has no sheen, it looks lifeless, frizzy and basically yucky. Thankfully, there are very simple ways to fight dry hair. I know dry hair happens mostly in the winter and due to cold weather, but these 6 ways to fight dry hair are great always. Some people struggle with dry hair year round. Not anymore! Check out these simple 6 ways to fight dry hair. This list comes from the great people at Wash your hair once every two days: Your... read more

I’m not much of a morning person. I used to be, but unfortunately I’m not anymore. I feel like I usually wake up happy, but sometimes we all have our grumpy moments. This tends to happen more when we don’t get good sleep. By the way, I rarely get good sleep, so I’m quite happy I’m not a grump every morning. Well, if you’re not a... read more

Oh spa days. Everybody loves them, but not everyone has the time or budget to have them. I love going to the spa; the smell, the atmosphere, the music. Everything about it is relaxing and stress free. I’ve honestly never had a massage or facial at a spa, but I have taken advantage of the other amenities they offer which include the jacuzzi and steam room. Obviously I can’t go to the spa all the time, as most people can’t. So why not bring the spa to your home?... read more

We all know summer is coming. Heck it already feels like summer out here in Phoenix. If you have thick hair (which I do), sometimes it can be killer in the summer heat especially out here. Don’t get me wrong I adore my thick hair, but the heat can really kick my butt when it’s down. Thanks to the awesome people at, they have shown me some fun and simple ways to survive this summer heat. The nice thing about these 10 best hairstyles is a lot of them are... read more

Ever wonder when you should throw out your makeup? Most women know when to throw out some makeup such as mascara and eyeliner, but what about blush, eyeshadow, foundation, and different types of liner? That’s right. Not all eyeliner is the same. And even if your blush and shadows are powder, they still have an expiration on them. I found this great list of expiration dates from the fabulous site, Here’s a quick run through of when to throw out certain... read more

Winged eyeliner is becoming a hot trend this year, bringing back the retro sixties look. I love liner. I feel naked without it! Some women don’t know how to put it on or are a little afraid to try it. I found this great tutorial video from Popsugar that teaches you 3 different ways to do winged eyeliner. This tutorial even helped me learn to branch out and... read more

Sometimes we notice last minute issues with our beauty when we’re about to leave our house. It’s always when we’re about to leave that you notice something wrong right!? Or how about those times where we want instant gratification? I have a quick and simple list for beauty shortcuts or hacks that you must try whether you’re in a hurry or not. Here they are! About to leave for work but have a shiny face? Try using hand sanitizer. Author and model Shelley... read more

I have a lot of jewelry as I’m sure most women do. I’m sure you noticed with the statement necklaces blog I wrote, and that’s not even close to everything!! I have a few jewelry holders, but they are quickly filling up. I also get to add more to it as I just got a Charming Charlie’s gift card for my birthday. Yay!! But before I go buying new jewelry, I should probably make some room for it first. I found so many cute, easy DIY ways to create jewelry storage... read more

Nail polish is a big deal in most women’s lives. It can do so much to liven up outfits and your personality. Did you know you can use polish on other things besides your nails? I know many women know a few tips and tricks, but there are even more that I never knew or heard about. Here are 10 things most women don’t know about nail polish. Did you know… 1. You can be allergic to your nail polish? I had no idea! The main ingredient for most nail polishes is formaldehyde,... read more

Soon we can shed the tights, leggings and boots and bask in the glorious freedom of bare legs. So it’s time to break out those razors. For extra smooth summer legs, consider adding a sugar scrub to your leg shaving routine. Once a week I use this simple exfoliant scrub recipe for my legs. There are many different recipes for scrubs, all using ingredients that you... read more