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It’s so important to eat before running. This may not sound like a good idea, but it really is. I’m sure you automatically think, “What if I get sick?” Did you know if you don’t eat before running, that can make you sick too? Studies show if you don’t eat before running, you can get headaches, stomach cramps and even dizziness. Well no worries, we have what you should eat (and what not to eat), before running. Thanks to the lovely people at... read more

Margaritas are such a simple, great cocktail. Jalapeno margaritas! When dining out, many restaurants have a different take or style of margaritas. Either way you can find them anywhere. Well we have a margarita recipe that has a little twist too. This is a Jalapeno margarita. I love this one because it has a bit of spice to it that just makes it so much more yummy. It gives the margarita a fun, different and cool flavor. Try this recipe for your next party or get together, or... read more

Leggings are always a closet staple for many women. I love leggings! They are so comfortable and you can make them look so chic. You can make so many outfits out of them too. I have leggings of all sorts, but one of my favorites are my faux leather ones. They make you and your legs look super sexy. My only problem with my leggings was I wasn’t sure what all I could or should pair them with. I always thought of only wearing these in a dressy style. Well thankfully I found... read more

We have a hot caramel apple cider recipe that is for adults only! Even though it’s still pretty darn hot here in Phoenix (it was 105 today), I’m sure it’s getting a bit chilly in other areas. If not, this is still a recipe worth saving. Now that it’s officially fall, it’s time to bust out all the fall drinks! This hot caramel apple cider recipe is so good but is for adults only. That’s because it has vodka in it. And not just any vodka. The... read more

Do you have a petite body? Sometimes having a petite body can make it difficult to find clothing that fits well and looks good on you. I come from a petite and tiny family. I myself am 5’1″, my mom is 5′ and one of my sisters is 4’11”. She’s gonna get mad at me for saying that as she claims she’s not lol! As you can tell,... read more

How do you stay in shape while traveling? source: pinterest I’m sure this is the last thing you want to think about when you’re on vacation. I myself try to work out at the gym at least 3-4 times a week. Also, studies show you shouldn’t go more than 3 days without working out. Doing that will help make you break the habit you worked so hard to get. So again, how do you stay in shape while traveling? It’s easier than it sounds! Check out these 5 ways to... read more

Here are the Pantone colors for Fall 2014! At the beginning of the year we brought you the Pantone color of the year, which is beautiful Radiant Orchid. Fall is just around the corner, so get your closet ready for these fall Pantone colors! Radiant Orchid is obviously still a great color for fall, that’s why it’s the color of the year of course! So keep that trendy color going. There are 10 beautiful Pantone colors that are in this lovely palette. According to Pantone, “This... read more

No more tired eyes with these 5 easy makeup tricks to disguise them! Couldn’t sleep, or have a late night out? No girl wants tired eyes, but after a long holiday weekend like we just had, I’m sure some of us are bound to go back to work with droopy, tired eyes. Thankfully we have 5 ways to disguise those tired eyes for you. No reason to go back to work tomorrow without looking perky and great! Let’s start with caffeine. I don’t just mean your usual cup... read more

 Can you wear white after Labor Day? You bet! White, it is a beautiful color indeed, and most other colors look great with white; however, an age old question comes to be. Can you wear white after Labor Day? Of course! If you are comfortable wearing white after Labor Day by all means go for it. I most definitely do. I did some research and asked many friends on this subject about wearing white after Labor Day. Rules were made to be broken. The idea of no white after Labor Day... read more

OPI has come out with a fairly new product in which I’m very impressed with. Leave it to OPI, which is one of my favorite brands of nail polish to come out with such a useful great product It’s called OPI Glitter Off Base Coat. Definitely it caught my curiosity. I do my own nails and like to use all sorts of glitter nail polish and just nail polish in general, so I purchased the OPI Glitter Off Base Coat. If you ever have used glitter nail product on your nails, you know... read more