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We all know fat days suck! If you haven’t felt like you’ve had a fat day then you are very lucky. Most women have fat days and sadly most of this is in our heads. Either way, on a fat day nothing seems to fit or look right on you and it’s so frustrating. On the weekends my boyfriend and I like to indulge. As soon as the weekday comes however, I feel bloated and downright blah. I’m so thankful I found these 6 ways to beat a fat day from read more

No excuses! Check out how to get a quick workout at the gym. Strapped for time, but don’t want to skip the gym? Lots of people don’t have much time to go workout. I know many only have their lunch break to get a quick workout at the gym. I have a great treadmill workout that’s quick and will have you right on your way. Like I said, no excuses! This workout only takes 20 minutes. It has a lot of speed and incline intervals to get you worked up and feeling great... read more

Vegetarian tacos may not sound too appetizing, but I guarantee they are! I’m always looking for healthy meals that are not only good for you but also taste good as well. I stumbled upon this recipe a  long time ago but never bothered to try it. Now that my boyfriend and I are trying to eat much healthier during the week, I was happy when I stumbled on this... read more

Fitness apps are great. They help motivate you and give you new ideas and workouts on the go. I know phones are usually discouraged in the gym and while working out, but this time you need to make an exception. I have personally checked out these apps myself and have them on my Iphone. They’re awesome! They definitely give great motivation for me to work out more and also eat better. I know these apps are definitely Apple approved, but I’m sure they are on Android... read more

Want to have great hair after the gym, but don’t want to damage it by washing it everyday? We have 4 easy styling tips to help you do just that. Many people go to the gym on their lunch break and don’t always have time to completely redo their hair. And if your hair takes as long as mine does to style, who wants to do that everyday? Check out these quick tips to have great hair after the gym, in only 5 minutes! 1.  First off, buy a spray gel. Herbal Essences has a... read more

These days I know more and more people who are doing their best to eat healthy. I for one think it’s essential to at least try to keep one’s eating habits in check. We all know almonds are extremely healthy for you, and the way I get my almonds is through almond butter. Peanut butter I would occasionally have, but almond butter is my all time nut spread. I purchase mine through my local grocery market. Organic almonds are placed in a grinder container (somewhat like a coffee... read more

Many people I know and I’m sure many I don’t know have a sugar addiction. I know I did before I went to culinary school for baking and then lost my sweet tooth. Not everyone can or wants to go the route I did. There is a much easier way to tame that sugar craving and addiction. It’s easier than you think! All it takes is one simple rule. That is... read more

Putting lemon in your water really helps you drink much more water. Everyone knows that drinking water is good for you. You should drink at least 64 ounces of water a day. This will help keep you hydrated, and believe it or not reduce bloat and help you lose weight. Sometimes it’s hard to drink a lot of water though as it can be very boring. Plus with so many drink choices out there, water isn’t usually our first choice. Well now it should be. Jazz it up with some... read more

Thoughts become things. Have you ever thought thoughts of doom and gloom or beautiful thoughts of love, kindness, happiness, being grateful etc? Then within a few days or weeks these good or not so good thoughts come to be, taking a life of their own. It’s all energy, and energy is like a direct connection, an arrow to the universe. There is this wonderful blog site called “Purpose Fairy.”  The name of the blog is “Don’t Believe Everything You Think.”... read more

I’ve been trying really hard to eat healthy. Unfortunately I don’t have too many healthy recipes. I just so happened to stumble on this one which not only is good for you, but super yummy too! Most healthy meals tend to be bland, but this one has so much flavor. It’s my boyfriend’s new favorite home cooked meal. It’s super easy to make... read more