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OPI has always been one of my favorite brands of nail polish. I especially find the color tones of OPI most beautiful compared to other brands. I was at Ace the other day and came across OPI color paint made by Clark and Kensington which is a brand of wall paint. The gentleman at Ace hardware told me Clark and Kensington have joined up with  OPI, and together these two companies have come up with some beautiful color schemes. They have rich tones that are gorgeous, and the lighter... read more

It’s time to get creative in your room and jazz up your bedside tables! Are you tired of the everyday drabby bedside table? Want to step out of the box and jazz up your room a little? The bedside table is kind of a necessity. Whether you use it to place a lamp, your phone, or a book, your bedside table usually has something on it. Check out these different and... read more

Every girl likes to pamper herself every now and then, unfortunately our wallets don’t always let us.  Here are 25 ways to get that spa day right in your own home. Get ready to relax, unwind and enjoy! 1. Eat right 2. Light candles 3. Treat yourself 4. Play music 5. Take a bath 6. Sit in a massage chair (Or invest in a hand-held back massager) 7. Drink tea 8.... read more