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Want to know how to remove permanent marker from almost anything? Here’s how! Oh the sharpie marker. We’ve all used them. They’re great for so many things and come in so many different and fun colors. I love using them for my scrapbooking. So what happens when you get that permanent marker on clothes, carpet, or walls? I have a quick tip that helps you remove permanent marker from almost anything. Clothing: To get the marker out of clothing, simply use hand... read more

Summer is here, and with summer comes barbecue outings. I love gathering with family and friends this time of year. Everything to me just tastes better on a grill and being outside in the warm weather. So you plan the date of the barbecue, take check on what you need, and make sure all the details are in check. To help out with the barbecue planning, I received a tip from one of my best friends Cindy who is always having barbecues. She told me to use muffin pans. Yes, muffin... read more

Ever have tough stains that you just can’t get out? My daughter in law had this long maxi dress she recently purchased. It was white on the top and coral colored on the bottom. It had a makeup stain on the inside of it so she wanted to wash it before she wore it. Unfortunately she washed with something else and the other color ran into the white area of the dress. There it was plain as day, this dye stain on the white. No worries as there is an easy solution on how to remove... read more

It’s almost summer! School’s going to be out soon and travel days are coming. Where are you going this summer? A lot of people like to try to escape the heat and head for the water. This is definitely what I like to do. Summer in Phoenix is pretty intense. One of my favorite places to always go… The beach of course! I’ve always loved the ocean.... read more

I love wearing earrings, but I have pretty sensitive ears. It’s hard to find any earrings that don’t hurt my ears. Even the sensitive ones don’t work all the time. By the end of the day, sometimes it is almost impossible for me to take out my earrings as my ear lobe hurts so bad I can barely touch it. I was getting frustrated and knew I needed to find a solution to this. Well, I finally did! And it’s really easy too. photo source: a pretty life in the suburbs Quick... read more