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Get ready for the 2015 ultimate reading challenge! I love reading! Sadly, last year, I didn’t read as many books as I wanted to. Well this year I’m determined to change that. That’s why I was so happy when I stumbled on this 2015 reading challenge from the wonderful people at Popsugar. It definitely has inspired me to read more. Not only is it great for inspiration, but it also helps you branch out from what you normally read and gives you so many ideas. A few... read more

Most people use a wedding seating chart for their big day. If you’re going to have a formal wedding, a seating chart is probably a good idea. A wedding seating chart is also great for big weddings. To save you some stress, we have 5 great tips to create a perfect wedding seating chart. Save money and use vintage frames for your table numbers. First thing and probably the most obvious is assign tables. Assigning tables not only helps you, but your guests as well so they’re... read more

With the holidays around the corner, it’s time to travel smart. Many will be traveling by air. This brings to mind what not to wear and what to bring in your carry on bag on your journey for a comfortable flight.  Sure it’s nice to look great and feel good in your clothes and shoes, but there are some things to consider when flying that have helped me. 1.... read more

Mums are such a great fall flower. Fall is one of my favorite seasons with colors so rich and deep. It always brings a smile to my face. One of my favorite flowers is mums. Mums are almost goof-proof. I somewhat have a green thumb, but theses flowers are so very easy to maintain and grow. You can find them this time of the year everywhere. From your supermarket... read more

Creativity is in all of us. It’s raining here in Arizona today which is an awesome event because rain here is few and far between. I treasure every rain drop. I’m sitting outside watching the rain fall, pondering on a question that I’ve been thinking about for awhile. Creativity, what is it? Well, this blog that I’m now writing is creative, my thoughts and my thoughts only. Blogging in general is creative. It’s ideas, it’s information on everything from soup... read more

Every time I hear the song “Say Something,” by the group A Great Big World and female icon vocalist Christina Aguilera, it truly pulls at my heart strings. How profound this simple but beautiful song is. The song is written by Ian Axel and Chad Vaccarino. I would gather anyone who has listened to “Say Something” would have a different perspective on it. For me, it took me back to a time when I said goodbye to a relationship I was in. Songwriters Axel and Vaccarino... read more

I have 7 great tips for surviving the first few days/weeks with a newborn! As I mentioned in previous posts, I know quite a few wonderful people who are having babies this year or who have just recently had babies. I found this great post from that had so many great ideas for all you new mommies to help keep you from being overwhelmed! Being a new mommy can be so exciting yet kinda scary and confusing at times too. I hope these 7 tips for surviving the first few... read more

It’s that time of the year again, time to buy back to school supplies! Now is the time where school and office supplies are at their lowest prices. Just about all grocery stores and box stores like Target and Walmart have all school supplies on sale. From notepads to pencils, crayons , binders, the list is endless. Even backpacks are on sale at awesome prices. I get the Target ad straight on my phone every Sunday. Looking at it yesterday, there are so many supplies and even... read more

Growing up in the midwest, my parents door was always open to our neighbors. Likewise with the neighbors as well. Even when I had my own home with my boys, our neighborhood was filled with neighborly love. We all would help each other and gathered on many weekends for parties or just a few drinks and conversation. We could all count on each other, doors were always... read more

Have you ever just decided to dance by the light of the moon? This past Saturday, July 12th, 2014 was an awesome event in the night sky. I was sitting outside having  a glass of wine with a few friends, and we were in awe of the moon. It was incredibly huge and bright. To me it looked like a harvest moon, but something was a bit different. To our surprise it was a supermoon we found out the next day on the news. From what I understand  a supermoon happens when the moon is at... read more