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A few weeks ago I had to travel out of town for a few days. I have a dog so I definitely needed a friend to stay at my condo to take care of her. I’m ever so grateful to have one of my good friends stay at my home looking after my doggie. I have a few things I like to do to make my friends stay comfortable at my home. I make sure I have all the room and bath essentials for my house guests. I know what kind of foods and drink she likes so I always stock the refrigerator with... read more

In this wonderful but sometimes confusing world a smile can show an inviting, “hello” or make someones day. I have done this little experiment for the past two weeks. Everywhere I went I smiled at whoever crossed my path. The results were amazing. Many smiles and nods, but the beautiful happenings that occurred were priceless. People would stop and say,... read more

I used to really bad about overpacking when going on vacation. I’m sure most women have a problem with overpacking. You want to be sure you have the perfect outfit for every occasion, but how much is too much? Studies show that 9 out of 10 women never wear all their clothes or shoes they pack for a vacation. Crazy! Now that summer is here, many people are going on vacation before school starts back up again. Don’t want to overpack this time around? Check out these... read more

I have prescription eyeglasses, so buying new glasses can be expensive. I carry my eyeglasses everywhere I go as I have a hard time seeing up close or reading. This can be a pain always having to remember where I have placed them. I decided to go on a hunt for cheaters, which are eyeglasses that are not prescription. Looking at prices, cheaters can range from $7.99 to $20 and up. I wanted to purchase 3 pair to have one inside my purse, kitchen and bedroom. The fourth I would leave... read more

Four months ago I was at Marshalls just browsing for a birthday gift for a friend. I came across a room fragrance, lavender scent. It looked interesting, so I sprayed and smelled the beautiful aroma of lavender. My first thought was fresh lavender picked from the fields. Next to the lavender spray was bachelor room spray. This scent reminded me of a high end mens... read more

It’s time to get creative in your room and jazz up your bedside tables! Are you tired of the everyday drabby bedside table? Want to step out of the box and jazz up your room a little? The bedside table is kind of a necessity. Whether you use it to place a lamp, your phone, or a book, your bedside table usually has something on it. Check out these different and... read more

Thoughts become things. Have you ever thought thoughts of doom and gloom or beautiful thoughts of love, kindness, happiness, being grateful etc? Then within a few days or weeks these good or not so good thoughts come to be, taking a life of their own. It’s all energy, and energy is like a direct connection, an arrow to the universe. There is this wonderful blog site called “Purpose Fairy.”  The name of the blog is “Don’t Believe Everything You Think.”... read more

Summer break is finally here! I’m sure most kids are jumping for joy and many families are getting ready for their vacations. Summer break  is a chance for kids to relax and enjoy their time off, however studies show that children usually forget and lose what they learned the past year during summer. Why not keep their little minds stimulated whether you’re on vacation or not? Here I have a great list of summer reading books for kids ages 7-10. This will keep them... read more

There are so many mommies to be out there right now, and I’m sure you’re all trying to figure out ways to save money any way possible. Well I have one way to help you! Why not save money on baby food. There are quite a few ways to do it too. 1. This one is the most obvious: Make your own baby food. Doing this not only helps you save money, but it’s great for your baby too. No added sugar or artificial preservatives. It’s really easy to make it too. You... read more

Heartfelt and beautiful, ”And So We Fight On,” young author Samantha Grace brings to the table an incredible, inspirational, thought provoking book of poems. From hurt to healing, to believing in life to be lived, Samantha writes about loss, love, and the hope of tomorrow. As I was reading Samantha’s book it dawned on me how this talented writer at such a young age has the wisdom and courage to realize life is fragile and can be taken away at the blink of an eye, but hope... read more