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Recently I had to replace my mattress that I have had for 13 years. It was worn out and had a huge dip in the middle of the mattress. Obviously it was no longer comfortable. My sons mentioned to me they had a king size mattress, 8 years old if I wanted it. I said “sounds good to me, yes I’ll take it!” Pricing out mattresses is very expensive to say the least. I received the mattress and it was in good condition, but there was a problem. The first night I slept on... read more

I love organization. The Container Store is one of my favorite stores. I could spend hours in there finding the coolest and most fun knick knacks to organize my home. Well, there are different and less expensive ways of organizing your home than just going to The Container Store. pantry organizationphoto source: I found 52 great ideas to organize your home... read more

I’m not much of a morning person. I used to be, but unfortunately I’m not anymore. I feel like I usually wake up happy, but sometimes we all have our grumpy moments. This tends to happen more when we don’t get good sleep. By the way, I rarely get good sleep, so I’m quite happy I’m not a grump every morning. Well, if you’re not a... read more

Oh spa days. Everybody loves them, but not everyone has the time or budget to have them. I love going to the spa; the smell, the atmosphere, the music. Everything about it is relaxing and stress free. I’ve honestly never had a massage or facial at a spa, but I have taken advantage of the other amenities they offer which include the jacuzzi and steam room. Obviously I can’t go to the spa all the time, as most people can’t. So why not bring the spa to your home?... read more

When moving, obviously everyone wants to find the perfect place to move in to. Even if it’s an apartment. If you’re like me, you’re pretty picky about where you want to live and what the apartment looks like. Looks aren’t always everything though. I found some great tips to help you find the perfect apartment. Here are the 4 most important... read more

Ever have tough stains that you just can’t get out? My daughter in law had this long maxi dress she recently purchased. It was white on the top and coral colored on the bottom. It had a makeup stain on the inside of it so she wanted to wash it before she wore it. Unfortunately she washed with something else and the other color ran into the white area of the dress. There it was plain as day, this dye stain on the white. No worries as there is an easy solution on how to remove... read more

Wedding season is upon us. So many of my friends are engaged and soon to be married and I’m so excited for them! Many are still planning their weddings, so I found this great list that I hope will help many of them before their big day. This list is 9 things for guests to do between your wedding ceremony and the reception from Often times there’s a bit of awkward waiting between the wedding ceremony and reception. Don’t want this to be your wedding?... read more

It’s that time of the year, spring time! This is usually when I have the dreaded job of cleaning my windows inside and out in my home. My secret weapon  is Invisible Glass Cleaner by Stoner. It’s the best glass cleaner on the market for windows or any glass surface.  I have used Windex and Vinegar with water, and I still have to fight the streaks, film and that grime that both of the other products leave behind. That’s so frustrating to say the least. Invisible Glass truly... read more

It’s that time of the year when I get excited about planting some of my favorite flowers. One of my all time favorite flowers is the sunflower. To me they brighten up any patio or wherever you decide to plant them. Sunflowers are annuals, super easy and it quickly grows. They come in different sizes, ready to pot dwarf size or the sunflowers that can grow to 15... read more

I have 3 dogs who go through treats quite often. Sometimes the store bought treats can be full of carbs, which isn’t good for 2 of my 3 pudgy babies I have. My soon to be Mother-in-Law bought me this great book titled “The Ultimate Dog Treat Cookbook.” This book has so many great recipes and helpful tidbits to keep your dog and homemade dog treats healthy. Here’s one of my favorite and most simple recipes from this awesome book. This recipe is for Peanut... read more