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I always wonder what my dog can and cannot have. My family always asks me as well if they can feed my dog something they’re eating. After doing a little research, I found 10 great people foods for dogs to help ease the “can my dog eat that,” question. Some of them I knew about, and some were quite surprising. I will definitely make sure my family sees this so that their question can go from “can he it this?” to “are you ok if I give him some?”... read more

I know quite a few people who are pregnant right now. Congratulations by the way! However, we are getting into the summer season which can usually be pretty intolerable for pregnant women. When I think of this I’m always reminded of the movie “Father of the Bride 2.” Steve martin is dressed in a winter hat and coat while his pregnant wife and daughter... read more

Nowadays many new homes come with big kitchens. This is a necessity for many growing families. But what if you don’t have a growing family? Or your children are all gone and you want to downsize? It’s hard going from a big kitchen to a smaller one. You really have to consider what you should keep and what you will use a lot. Right now I live in a little bit older home, and the kitchen is pretty tiny. Also I like to bake so I have a lot of baking items. I found some... read more

Small or large balconies are great to enjoy fresh air and gatherings alike. Like your living room, you can decorate and enjoy a comfortable cozy space on your balcony. Keep in mind condos and apartments may have rules of what you can and can not decorate with. Ask your association what you are allowed to put out on your balcony. To create your mini paradise, create a theme. Tropical, rustic, retro whatever you can imagine you can create. I created a Tuscan theme on my balcony.... read more

I know so many people having babies right now, and I can only imagine what’s going through their heads. One of them I’m sure is what to name their little one. Lots of people think about what they want to name their child from the very beginning of their pregnancy. Obviously your babies name is a very big deal and decision. If you’re a little unsure... read more

Summer time is almost here. This is a very popular time for weddings. It brings great weather, great pictures, and good times. Sometimes though it can get a little too hot. The heat can sometimes make us feel pretty crappy, leading to tiredness, grumpiness and sometimes forgetfulness. The last thing you want is to forget something simple or let alone something super important. Heck even the little things can cause us to freak out. Well thankfully the lovely people from read more

I know this may seem like a pretty simple task. Just find a pretty one that is cute, nice and most likely safe. Or put it on your gift registry and ask a friend or family member to buy one for you. This is definitely not something you should take lightly and does and should involve research. – Safety is obviously number one on the list and the most important. Make... read more

Didn’t catch the 2014 Oscars last night? No worries! I have a quick recap of last nights winners and best dressed. There were many surprise victories last night. The movie “Gravity,” took home quite a few wins including Best Cinematography, Best Directing, Best Film Editing, Best Original Score, Best Sound Editing, Best Sound Mixing, and Best... read more

With the Oscars coming this Sunday March 2nd, there is one young lady who in my opinion will win Best Supporting Actress, and that is Lupita Nyong’o. She’s nominated for the movie “12 Years A Slave.”  Lupita Nyong’o’s breakout role was in this movie which came out late last year. The 30-year-old actress has been racking up the... read more

You are the star of your selfie, but how does one take a good selfie? It’s easy! I have found a few helpful tips. – Lighting can make all the difference with your selfie. Make sure you have a well lit room or plenty of natural light.  This can do wonders for your selfie. – For me, my best selfie is just before the sun goes down. I find that to be... read more