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Germs and viruses can lurk all around our homes. I spend a lot of  money buying disinfectant sprays. With bathrooms, kitchens, counter tops you name it, germs linger all around our homes. I have a recipe a friend gave me which is natural and cost effective. Simple and cheap. Purchase a squirt bottle, and fill with water. Add lavender essential oil, about ten drops. You can find lavender essential oil at most health food stores. Shake water and lavender mixture in squirt bottle.... read more

One of my favorite little birds is the hummingbird. I enjoy watching them feed from my feeders. I was always running out and purchasing their liquid food which became costly and many times hard to find. Living in Arizona, I feed my hummingbirds all year round. It’s great! I have found a recipe for hummingbirds that is easy and cost efficient… And the Hummingbirds... read more

I’m a lover of all music. I tell all… Never take my music away from me. The other day as I was searching for tunes for my ipod, I stumbled upon a song titled “Stay.“ It was originally sung by Rihanna which is outstanding as well. However, the group 30 Seconds To Mars lead singer, Jared Leto, performed this song, and he knocked it out of the ballpark. With his beautiful somewhat raspy voice, (and not to mention he’s easy on the eyes),  it was outstanding. Just melted... read more

I have found this very helpful on shining my shoes when I’m in a hurry to go out. Take any random furniture polish, spray on cloth or paper towel and wipe down shoes. Your shoes will look clean and shiny. Simple as that! ... read more

Many of us would love to make our carved pumpkins last longer. Usually I decorate a week or two before Halloween. Sometimes though we want to carve our pumpkins right away. Well thankfully I have found a way to make your carved pumpkins last longer. I have found using bleach, any brand, will preserve the life of your carved pumpkin. Here are the simple steps to preserve... read more

It’s that time of year again when we appreciate and look forward to those wonderful fall scents. I recently purchased a cinnamon fragrance twig broom from Trader Joe’s. The large broom is very nice looking and the fragrance of cinnamon is delightful. They sell two sizes small and large. I place my large broom in the hallway and the small one in my kitchen. The fragrance last about two months. After the cinnamon scent fades I spray the brooms with my favorite holiday... read more

Make your own simple fall arrangement this season. This fun DIY simple fall arrangement has worked for me over the years. It’s easy, fun and inexpensive. You will only need four items to make this arrangement complete. Here they are! 2-3 branches of any kind, with no leaves. 1 clear glass container that can be found at any dollar store. A can of spray paint,... read more

A gentleman friend recommended these wonderful bourbon whiskeys for the man in your life. Here’s his review on two. Ladies, don’t be afraid to sip it too!   Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon Whiskey 44% Alc/vol (88 Proof) I was pleasantly surprised at the sweet corn and praline blend that danced on my tongue instantly. The aroma of clover and spices filled... read more