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Always wanted to know how to have a better life? Well, studies show it’s quite simple really. I’m sure many of you have seen this list before, but if you haven’t then here it is. The ultimate list to follow to have a better life. I’m sure you’re thinking, “It’s almost too easy…” Well it is! If you just follow these 10 (well I guess you can count the last as 11), steps, you’ll see a significant and more positive change in your life. Here’s the list. Get more sleep. We all... read more

Getting married this year in 2015 and want to see what wedding trends are in? We have them for you here! If you’re not 100% sure what you want your wedding to be or look like, here are 6 2015 wedding trends to look out for. Vintage: Vintage trends are always in, whether it’s style or for your home. It can’t hurt to throw a little vintage into your wedding as well. Whatever you pick, 1920s or even 1980s, stick with your era of choice and have fun with it! Photo... read more

Valentine’s day is just around the corner. With that said, have you gone shopping for your loved one yet? Roses are red, chocolate is yummy, do something different on Valentine’s Day for your honey. Yes, Valentine’s day is around the corner, and we all know that roses and chocolate go hand and hand for this day. They are a sure hit for your loved one, however, this year I was pondering over this special day. I wanted to be creative and celebrate Valentine’s day with... read more

Now that I’ve got my own wedding to plan, I’ve been thinking a lot about different wedding hairstyles. I’ve always known I wanted my hair half up/half down, but never knew just how I wanted it. I found 4 beautiful wedding hairstyles that all brides should definitely consider. The first one is my favorite and probably the one I’ll be choosing for my big day. Here are the gorgeous styles! This first (my favorite) is considered the classic half up/half down... read more

Check out these 10 ways to live an extraordinary life! I know, another list. I love my lists. I have a lot of blogs that involve lists. But who doesn’t? They keep you organized and on task. On that note, I have another one for everyone. This list is one of my favorites because it is motivational. This list has 10 ways to live an extraordinary life. Keep these in mind when you are down, or just need a little motivation to get to the gym or through your day. Check it out! Always... read more

Want to know how to surprise your groom on the big wedding day? Check out these 7 awesome ideas we have for you! I’m so lucky as my now fiance, has always surprised me. Including how he proposed to me! Since day one he’s been full of surprises and sweet ideas. I just want to repay him, so I found these 7 fun ways to surprise your groom on the big wedding day. All these ideas are so cute. I can’t wait to try them! Make an “I love you” journal. I... read more

Most people use a wedding seating chart for their big day. If you’re going to have a formal wedding, a seating chart is probably a good idea. A wedding seating chart is also great for big weddings. To save you some stress, we have 5 great tips to create a perfect wedding seating chart. Save money and use vintage frames for your table numbers. First thing and probably the most obvious is assign tables. Assigning tables not only helps you, but your guests as well so they’re... read more

There are ways to be happier in your home. I know most people are happy in their home. I know I am. I’m very lucky and grateful to be in such a happy home with my boyfriend and dogs. But believe it or not, there are ways to be happier in your home. These are 10 little simple ways to make you feel just a little bit better about your home, your day and all in all be happier in your home. Nobody is perfect, and not everyone has good days everyday. This list is just a good... read more

Relationships take work. I’m not just talking boyfriend/girlfriend relationships. I’m talking about relationships with friends, family and significant others as well. Want to have all your relationships to be great? Check out these 20 things you need to do in your relationships. Free yourself from negative people. Having negative energy around you can make you become negative as well. Spending time with nice people will make you feel better and give you better energy. Let... read more

Wedding season is upon us. So many of my friends are engaged and soon to be married and I’m so excited for them! Many are still planning their weddings, so I found this great list that I hope will help many of them before their big day. This list is 9 things for guests to do between your wedding ceremony and the reception from Often times there’s a bit of awkward waiting between the wedding ceremony and reception. Don’t want this to be your wedding?... read more