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I have recently found a great store called Kid to Kid Consignment. Being a mother and a grandmother I know first hand how expensive childrens clothes can be. Buying any clothing for a young one is a challenge in itself. Should I buy a size smaller or larger? Needless to say children grow out of their clothes in a blink of an eye. One week their in one size the next week another. Especially newborns and toddlers. One can truly break the bank when shopping for children clothes. In... read more

Music is universal, a language all in itself. No matter what type of music one listens to, we all can relate to a melody of a song. It touches our emotions. Music is one of my passions. This is why I want to write about an exciting, entertaining, well informed website for all music lovers. It’s called I listen to everyday. It’s hosted... read more

Spring training is a series of practices and exhibition games for major league baseball players. It allows new players to try out positions and gives existing team players practice time as well. Spring training has always drawn crowds who travel to the warmer climates like Arizona to enjoy the weather and watch their favorite teams play. Fortunately, spring training usually is around spring break for many students. What a great event to go to when on vacation with family or just... read more

An awesome event in my home town is just around the corner. The Waste Management Phoenix Open. January-27-2014 through February-2-2014. This will be my first time going to this event. Not knowing what to expect, I had a asked a friend “fill me in on this exciting event, The Waste Management Phoenix Open.  First of all one can purchase tickets at This will also have the golf schedule as well for The Waste Management Phoenix Open. This is always a fun day... read more

A few months ago I went with some friends to a Women’s Expo In Phoenix Arizona. As we were looking at items along the rows of vendor’s who were displaying their goods, my eye caught one vendor who had a beautiful display of purses, wallets, very cool knuckle clutch,s, plus accessories . Talking to the owner who was friendly and helpful explained about vegan... read more

Photo anyone? Talk about sun damage, especially on my face. A friend suggested I try a treatment called Photofacial. I had noticed something different about her face but couldn’t figure it out. Her sunspots were faded almost to the point of gone and she had this beautiful even skin tone. She began to explain she had a treatment called Photofacial. My face and neck have sun damage from back in the day… you know laying out to catch those rays. Well because of it I have sun... read more