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I’m a huge fan of sangrias. That’s my drink of choice on date nights! This particular sangria recipe caught my attention as it has so many of my favorite ingredients. This is a strawberry basil sangria. It’s light, pretty and perfect for the upcoming hot weather. I love strawberries and basil, but I love the fact that this recipe calls for chardonnay which is my favorite wine. I know it sounds a little weird with the basil, but the flavors all mix well. It’s... read more

On a friends suggestion I purchased Primal Roots California Red Blend 2011 wine. This is a red blend of Merlot, Zinfandel, and Syrah, and it is top notch. It’s a smooth, full bodied wine with aromas of vanilla, black cherry, mocha and spice followed by a slight hint of smoke. It has great flavors of raspberries, chocolate and dark caramel. I served it with fruit and goat cheese appetizers with spicy dips. It was a hit! However I believe Primal Roots California Red Blend... read more

Tired of the usual popular white wines that you’re most familiar with? Not sure what to get? I have a great wine I recently tried that was different and definitely yummy. It’s a Torrontes, which is a white wine. This one is from Argentina. It almost has tropical like flavors. In all, this wine is light and fruity with hints of citrus, peach, and flowers.... read more

The holiday season is here. Many people love seasonal drinks to go along with all the holiday decor and of course parties. I have a great recipe for a cranberry and rosemary Christmas sangria. I’m a huge fan of sangrias, and this one is awesome and festive. This Sangria resembles the holiday flavors and colors! Here’s the recipe for a drink that is both tasty and pretty. Hope you like it! Ingredients: 2 apples, granny smith and a braeburn 1 heaping cup of fresh cranberries 1... read more

Chardonnay… One of the most popular white wine choices. This one I have found here, the Francis Coppola Directors Chardonnay, is fantastic. It’s a little bit more pricy at $20, however I purchased mine from Bevmo at the 5 cent wine sale. (If you hadn’t heard of this, you buy one bottle of wine and the second for 5 cents). So I basically bought one bottle for... read more

It’s fall meaning it’s time for everything pumpkin!! I’m a huge pumpkin fan, and a beer fan too. So obviously I love it when you combine the two together. Here are a few tasty pumpkin beers I’ve tried that I think you may enjoy too. I started with my personal favorite. Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat Ale: This one is great with the most pumpkin flavor.... read more

I like my vino. Especially white wines. This Pinot Grigio in particular is mighty tasty. This is a medium bodied wine that is crisp, light, and aromatic. Whether you’re just enjoying a simple glass by itself or pairing it with a meal, this wine gives subtle tastes of pear, apple and citrus. It also has a slight but pleasant touch of minerality. I had my glass by itself, but this pairs well with seafood, pastas, white meat, and savory pizzas with a white sauce. Ruffino Pinot... read more

A gentleman friend recommended these wonderful bourbon whiskeys for the man in your life. Here’s his review on two. Ladies, don’t be afraid to sip it too!   Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon Whiskey 44% Alc/vol (88 Proof) I was pleasantly surprised at the sweet corn and praline blend that danced on my tongue instantly. The aroma of clover and spices filled... read more