Creativity… It’s in All of Us

Posted on Aug 27 2014 - 2:51am by girlyadmin

Creativity is in all of us.

It’s raining here in Arizona today which is an awesome event because rain here is few and far between. I treasure every rain drop. I’m sitting outside watching the rain fall, pondering on a question that I’ve been thinking about for awhile.

Creativity, what is it? Well, this blog that I’m now writing is creative, my thoughts and my thoughts only. Blogging in general is creative. It’s ideas, it’s information on everything from soup to nuts or just ones thoughts. So on this rainy day my blog is not about fashion nor wine or lipstick. It’s thoughts I want to share with you about being Creative.

My sons are creatives. My first son Brad has a company What a wonderful website for ALL creatives. Brads business partner Blake is a creative with a talent for speaking with ease in front of very important people. They all listen when he speaks. This is creativity for words and thoughts. Creative motion at it’s best. Along with all the creative staff who works there, they all have creative minds for sure.

This creative idea came as simple as a thought, a creative thought of “What if?” In a hot tub, Brad with his brother Todd, step by step creativity was taking motion. It had many names, but today it’s known as A grassroots company who has put creatives and energy into motion. I can always tell when my son Brad is being creative. He looks up to the sky in deep thought. Yep, his mind is always creating. You can find Brad on for he is a beautiful songwriter with such heart and depth when he writes, one can only say… In time his songs will be heard world wide. Brad is simply amazing with a heart that can find the good in everyone.

Then there is my other son Todd who is a creative as well. An inventor of sorts in his own right. He too is always creating. In time his inventions will be in the marketplace to be had. Beautiful mind he has. Todd is an awesome creative hairstylist along with a beautiful presence about himself. Others feel an instant connection to him, an openness and kindness he presents. That is a gift Todd has, creative gifts on both accounts. Both my sons have hearts of gold and a knowing of doing the right thing. Loving, giving and thoughtful they are, and that is creative energy.

Thoughts into motion is being creative. My blogging partner and Brad’s girlfriend, Amanda, is a creative. She went through culinary school. Amanda’s baking is creative and definitely an art. Her endless details on all she makes are beautiful! Whether it be cake pops, cupcakes or a birthday cake for any age, Amanda bakes with thought and love. You can taste it in all that she creates. Amanda as well has that knowing of love and giving. For all of this is a creative. You can check her creativity out on as well.

One of my dear friends Mary Anne has a way of speaking with words of wisdom and a soothing voice when she talks. Her creativity  in her wisdom and loving words could calm a raging bull. Mary Anne is a creative with her words.

Then there’s my longest best friend Cindy of 32 yrs,who like Amanda is a creative, outstanding baker. With Cindy’s enthusiastic personality, all who meet her are always excited and talking about creative ideas with her. It’s Cindy’s love and thoughtfulness that is creating the energy. One has to feel that. Cindy is a creative with her cake pops and energy. It’s creative energy motion. You can also find her on

I sit and watch the news and all it’s sadness. I say, “If this world would put more into being creative with thoughtfulness and love, we could have a shift in consciousness through our nations. It begins with us.” It has begun with my family, close friends and I. We are all creatives in one form or another. It’s energy in motion. Are you a creative? Send us your story and we’ll put it on our blog.

Be creative.

Be creative. Check it out!

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