Don’t Break the Bank When You Need New Glasses

Posted on Jul 1 2014 - 6:57pm by girlyadmin

I have prescription eyeglasses, so buying new glasses can be expensive. I carry my eyeglasses everywhere I go as I have a hard time seeing up close or reading. This can be a pain always having to remember where I have placed them.

I decided to go on a hunt for cheaters, which are eyeglasses that are not prescription. Looking at prices, cheaters can range from $7.99 to $20 and up. I wanted to purchase 3 pair to have one inside my purse, kitchen and bedroom. The fourth I would leave in my living room.

Of course I wanted to find some reading glasses that were fashionable as I am a girly girl. I needed a high lens power, about +2.75 . After looking at Walgreens, CVS pharmacy and a few other places, I ended up at Big Lots. I hit the jackpot. Big Lots had the cheater eyeglasses for $5 each. They had very fashionable styles and colors. I was absolutely thrilled! I purchased 5 pairs so I could put one as well in my SUV.

At $5 if I lose a pair, I wouldn’t be breaking the bank. I was somewhat concerned on losing my prescription eyeglasses due to the fact that they were pricy. Now I leave my prescription glasses at home and wear my very fashionable new glasses (my cheaters), when I’m out and about.

See what strength you need!

See what strength you need!

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