Drink More Water!!

Posted on Jun 16 2015 - 10:36pm by girlyadmin

Now that summer is almost here and I live in Phoenix, it’s time to drink more water.



Right now we’re getting excessive heat warnings here in Scottsdale, which was my inspiration for this blog. We all need to drink more water, but here are 13 signs you’re not drinking enough. Not drinking enough water can do some serious damage to your body. Check out these signs before it’s too late, and be sure to drink more water!

  1. So this first one is the most obvious that you need to drink more water: if you’re super thirsty. This is a bad sign as you’re past the point of dehydration. You’re body is desperate for water at this point, and you should listen to what it’s telling you.
  2. Next, if your skin is dry you need to drink more water. Dry skin is an early sign of dehydration, so catch this sign while you can. Don’t forget, skin is your largest organ, so it needs to stay hydrated.
  3. Having a dry mouth is a huge sign you need more water. This is another obvious sign, but most people reach for sugary, bad for you drinks which only solves the problem temporarily. Drinking water helps lubricate your mucus membranes, which will help produce more saliva keeping your mouth moist.
  4. If you have joint pain, that is a tell tale sign you’re not drinking enough water. Drinking water helps hydrate your cartilage, softening the shock on your joints when you jump, run, walk, or fall. Cartilage is made up of 80% water and helps keep your bones from rubbing together.
  5. If your eyes are dry and bloodshot, you need more water. If you’ve ever had a hangover, I’m sure you’ve experienced this. If you’re dehydrated your tear ducts dry up, which isn’t good if you wear contacts.
  6. If you get sick often or stay sick for a long time, then increase your water intake. Drinking water helps flush out toxins. If you’re dehydrated, your body starts pulling water from other places like your blood which can lead to worse problems.
  7. A decrease in muscle mass means you need to drink more water as your muscles are mostly made up of it. Drinking plenty of water helps keep your muscles from getting sore after a workout and reduces muscle spasms.
  8. If you feel hungry, or have muscle spasms in your belly, this can sometimes mean you’re just thirsty or dehydrated. That’s a great weight loss tip as well. If you feel hungry, try drinking water first before indulging in snacks or something bad for you.
  9. Feeling tired or fatigued is another big sign. This happens when your body takes water from your blood. This results in a lack of oxygen which can leave you feeling tired.
  10. If you’re experiencing digestive problems such as acid reflux, then more water is needed. This extra acid can cause major damage down the road if this is a constant occurrence.
  11. Constipation occurs as well when dehydrated. Another obvious sign you’re not getting enough water. Water helps lubricate the digestive tract, making it easier to use the restroom.
  12. My aunt always used to say, “Water is the fountain of youth.” And she was pretty much right on that. Not drinking enough water leads to premature aging, and nobody wants that.
  13. Another one of the most obvious signs you’re not drinking enough water is decreased urination. Sorry to get into specifics, but if your urine is a dark color, you need more water.

Even if you’re not experiencing all 13 symptoms, if it’s just one, you need to drink more water. Find ways that’ll make it easier for you to drink water. I buy reusable tumblers that for some reason make me drink more water than I usually would out of a glass. Also, try infusing your water with fresh fruit such as oranges, strawberries or even mint and cucumbers. That way you can give it a little flavor if plain old water is too boring for you.

I know a lot of these may be obvious to most of you, but it’s really easy to lose track of your water intake. With summer around the corner and temps rising, be sure to stay hydrated and drink more water!!