9 Eye Makeup Tricks to Make Your Eyes Pop

Posted on Aug 11 2014 - 10:37am by girlyadmin

Today we are bringing you 9 eye makeup tricks to make your eyes pop!


There are so many ways you can change up your eye makeup to make your eyes look bigger, smaller, wider, brighter, anything you want. It’s all about playing with your eyeliner and other products you have. All these tips are pretty simple and easy to do yourself. Check out these 9 eye makeup tricks to make your eyes pop from real makeup experts!

1.  For the first one, try layering your liner. I love eyeliner, but it’s not always easy to draw a straight line. Also, it’s best to use liquid liner as it lasts longer and smudges less. I find this harder to put on straight though. The experts say try layering your liner with a pencil first as it’s easier to draw a straight line. Go over the pencil liner with your liquid liner and you’re set! No smudges and your eyes will be well-lined. Such good eye makeup tricks!

2.  Make your eyes soft and sexy. Sometimes too much liner can be too heavy, and it’s usually meant more for a night out on the town. To soften your eyes, experts recommend lining your upper lash line with black liner and your lower lash line with brown. This will help give you that soft sexy look. This is also great for those of you that don’t always like to wear liner.

3.  If you really want to open up your eyes and make them pop, use a white eyeliner pencil. Just line the inside rim of your lower eyelid and you’re good to go! To open up your eyes a little more, use the white liner to lightly line the section where your upper and lower lids come together. This will help make them appear to be wider apart. Such easy eye makeup tricks to open your eyes.

4.  Have thin eyebrows? Makeup experts know an easy way to fix that too. First use a pencil that is slightly lighter than the shade of your brows to define the shape. Next apply a brow powder that is as close to the same color as your natural hair using a strong and thin angle brush. Lastly use a brow gel to set the powder. Simple as that. Need a brow gel? Try “Model in a Bottle Eyebrow Sealer.”

5.  There are so many mascaras out there. Some pricey, some not so pricey. Either way if you want a less expensive mascara but want an expensive look, simply use a business card. That’s right… A business card. Just hold the card against the edge of your lashes with one hand and sweep the mascara on with your other hand against the card. This will help you coat your lashes from base to tip without them being pushed out of the way.

6.  Line the inner rim of your eye. This will help add definition and intensity to your eye. It also gives the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes.

7.  Still can’t quite get a straight line for your lashes? Try faking it by smudging them. Just go back and forth over the liner with a brush until the line is smooth when applying it.

8.  Make your eyes look larger by applying liner just halfway on the top and bottom. Applying liner to the entire eye, both top and bottom, will make your eye look more closed.

9.  Lastly make your eyes look just how you want them to. Liner is the best for this as it can change the shape of your eye. “Wherever you put darkness is where your eye is drawn to,” says makeup guru Taylor Chang-Babaian. If you want your eyes to look wider, go for a more winged tip.

Those are the 9 eye makeup tricks to make your eyes pop. I love eye makeup and all these tricks. If you have any more eye makeup tricks we’d love to hear about them.

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