Fashion Shortcuts for Your Clothes

Posted on Dec 4 2014 - 11:22am by girlyadmin

Fashion shortcuts and tips for your clothes are always so great and helpful.

These fashion shortcuts are so great for everyone! They can help preserve the life of your clothes and make your life just a little bit easier. Everything is quick and easy. Here are 10 fashion shortcuts for your clothes!

  • Have a sweater that sheds? Some materials like angora and mohair sweaters tend to shed a bit. To prevent this, put your sweater in a gallon size Ziploc bag and put it in the freezer for at least 3 hours. This will help reduce shedding
  • Haven’t tried this myself, but I have heard this tip before. If you spill red wine on your clothes, use white wine to clean it up! Talk about fighting fire with fire.
  • Are your work clothes wrinkled and there’s no time to iron, or you just don’t want to? Put them in the bathroom with you while showering. Hang them close to the water, but not too close! The steam will help reduce wrinkles.
  • Oil stains on clothing are such a pain to remove. Next time this happens, put baby powder on the stain and leave it on overnight. Wash as normal the next day.
  • Pulling an old trick from the book with this next tip: Avoid any runs in your tights by spraying them with hair spray. I learned this one when I was little.
  • Do you have trouble with underarm stains? Before putting your clothes in the wash, spray the area with lemon juice.
  • This next tip I learned from a show called “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.” If you don’t feel like trying on jeans, just take the waistband and wrap it around your neck. If the ends touch, you should be good to go! If they overlap too much or don’t touch, you might not want to take them.
  • If you want to break in and stretch out a new pair of shoes, just put Ziploc bags filled with water in each shoe and place them in the freezer. Let them sit overnight. The water will freeze and expand, helping stretch out your shoes. Just make sure the bags are sealed tight!
  • If you get makeup on your man’s shirt, have no fear. Very lightly dab the area with shaving cream. This can help remove the foundation stain.
  • Have a new, stiff leather jacket? To make it look more worn in, put it in the rain. We don’t mean lay it out there in a big storm, but get it a little wet to give it a more worn, weathered look.

Simple and easy fashion shortcuts just for you!