Gentleman Drink for the Man in Your Life

Posted on Sep 11 2013 - 1:24am by girlyadmin

A gentleman friend recommended these wonderful bourbon whiskeys for the man in your life. Here’s his review on two.

Ladies, don’t be afraid to sip it too!


Corner Creek Reserve Bourbon Whiskey 44% Alc/vol (88 Proof)

I was pleasantly surprised at the sweet corn and praline blend that danced on my tongue instantly. The aroma of clover and spices filled my senses. I quickly discovered absolutely no aftertaste with only a hint of the oak cask barely present. There was almost a honey-like sensation as it gently caressed my throat. This is a wonderful whiskey to be served in front of an autumn fire in the back yard or next to the fireplace at the cabin.

By R. C. Malin 10 Sept 2013


Jim Beam Black Double-aged (8 years) 43% Alc/vol (86 Proof)

I tried this Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey for the first time last week. There was an immediate taste of vanilla mixed with caramel that met my tongue, followed by a hint of allspice. I felt that it had a bit too much of an alcohol sense about it at first; but that gave way to more of a crispness instead. I was left with an aftertaste of the oak and a little citrus that did not linger. All around it was a pleasant mid-range whiskey and I would be unafraid to offer it to my friends after a fall dinner.

By R. C. Malin 10 Sept 2013

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