How to Grill Fish

Posted on Aug 29 2014 - 1:09am by girlyadmin

Don’t know how to grill? Grilling isn’t just for the guys!

grilled salmon

Grilling is an easy way of preparing a meal. I especially enjoy fish on a grill. With added spices or a marinade this process of grilling fish makes an outstanding meal, healthy to say the least.

At first I was a bit leary on how to grill fish. I started to research and ask friends about this process and to my surprise it was simple. One important factor I found out is before putting any fish on the grill make sure that the fish is fresh. If it has a strong “fishy” smell don’t use it. If you’re grilling a whole fish and the eyes are cloudy, then it’s not fresh. I usually go to my favorite little grocery store Sprouts on the day I’m preparing fish so I know it is fresh.

When grilling you want to use a fish with greater fat content like salmon, trout or tuna. These types of fish will hold their shape on the grill and won’t fall apart. My favorite is tuna steaks and salmon. I am a fan of marinade, homemade or using a marinade from your local grocery store is good as well. I prepare salmon with a marinade of 2 cups orange juice, one can of pineapple bits or chunks and two tablespoons of brown sugar. Toss in a ziplock bag for a few hours or overnight. I prefer overnight to let the marinade really soak into the salmon.

With the tuna steaks I use spices. My favorite for this is Cajun style. An hour before you grill your tuna, rub on both sides any type of Cajun spice and Old Bay seasoning. Old Bay you can find at any grocery store. It’s a handy spice to have.

Now the grilling part. Preheat your grill and make sure you spray it with cooking spray to avoid the fish from sticking or use aluminum foil to place the fish on. I prefer using the aluminum foil. I place the foil on the grill with a drizzle of olive oil on it. Roll the corners of the foil to form a pouch. When the olive oil starts to heat and bubble place your fish on the foil and grill on medium heat. Using the aluminum foil you’ll infuse your flavors and steam the fish whether it be spices or marinade. Your fish is done when the meat starts to flake easily with a fork and has an opaque color all the way through. If it’s glossy or translucent, then it is not done. Usually a thick piece of Fish will take around 12-15 minutes to grill; however, every grill is different so it’s best to check fish every few minutes. When grilling Salmon the under skin from the fish will stay on the foil when salmon is removed.

Grilling is an easy method to prepare fish. Mostly any type of fish you can grill, I just gave you my favorites. Fish is a great source of Omega 3 and that’s a plus for myself and others alike. I hope next time you are having fish for dinner, be brave, pop on the grill and give it a try. So very simple and the results are tasty and delicious!


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