The Proper Way to Hold A Wine Glass

Posted on Aug 8 2014 - 3:49am by girlyadmin

Wine, one of the simple pleasures of life. Have you ever wondered if there was a proper way to hold a wine glass? Or have you heard people try to tell you there is a proper way to hold one? Truly there is a way. At barbecues I understand many of us use paper cups for convenience, however I prefer to use stemware for all types of wine at any occasion.

So we are back to the question on how to hold a wine glass. I knew that there were several ways on how to hold a wine glass, but the question was “why?” Why is it important to hold a wine glass a certain way, and the benefits of the effects on the wine itself.

I came across a wonderful article on this whole process from I was pleasantly entertained by the article. I passed on the info to a few friends and they enjoyed it as well. Just to note, always hold the glass by the stem. Be sure to check out the article as to why this is important.

So I guess you can hold a wine glass as you wish, but as they state on, “Your Grandmother would be proud!”

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