Invisible Glass Cleaner

Posted on Apr 24 2014 - 6:31pm by girlyadmin

It’s that time of the year, spring time! This is usually when I have the dreaded job of cleaning my windows inside and out in my home.

My secret weapon  is Invisible Glass Cleaner by Stoner. It’s the best glass cleaner on the market for windows or any glass surface.  I have used Windex and Vinegar with water, and I still have to fight the streaks, film and that grime that both of the other products leave behind. That’s so frustrating to say the least.

Invisible Glass truly works better than any other glass cleaner out there. It smells good and is definitely streak less. A friend suggested this product a few years ago. He uses it on his car windows as it was suggested by a detailer for cars. It will truly amaze you at the clear and invisible look it will give your windows. It’s made my life a whole lot easier cleaning my windows in my home. Plus I use it on my car windows as well. Anything glass, it will come out perfect. No streaks!

It comes in a spray can or a spray bottle. You can find it at most Grocery stores, automotive shops or even Target or Wal Mart. Price range is around $3.99 and up. I purchase mine at Walmart at $3.99. This product is simply awesome. I truly love this schtuff and I know you will as well. It will make window cleaning a whole lot easier.


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