Keep Your Makeup In place All Day!

Posted on Jan 26 2014 - 4:00am by girlyadmin

Most women wear makeup everyday. Some days you wear makeup longer than others. Like Fridays for example. Say you get up early for work and put makeup on before you go. Then after, you go out with your friends for a late night out. The last thing you want is for your makeup to fade or get washed out. And who wants to carry a bunch of makeup on them for touch ups throughout the day? I know I don’t. I have enough junk in my purse already. Here are a few tips to help keep your makeup in place all day, from sunrise to sunset!

1. Use primer: Primer helps your makeup stay in place throughout your entire day. I know it sounds daunting to add more to your face than you already do, but this really helps! And it doesn’t clog your face up. It also helps cover up red areas, just add a little bit more to those spots. Not sure what to get? I look to use the primer from Mary Kay. It’s light and goes on smooth.



2. Layer your Foundation: Don’t just glop it all on at once. Lightly layer your foundation over your face. A few layers (2-3) will help your makeup stay in place. I recommend a light weight foundation for this so your face and makeup don’t feel too heavy. Help keep the layers of foundation in place by using a translucent powder between each layer.

3. Powders: Not too many women use powders anymore, but you should! Don’t just use it to help your foundation stay put, use it for other makeup to stay put too. Brush a bit of translucent powder over eyeliner to help keep it in place. Do the same for blush and even lipstick. Try to find a lightweight powder so you don’t feel like your face is chalky.

4. Eyeshadow Primer: Before you put on any eyeshadow, use a little bit of eyeshadow primer to help set it and keep it in place. Eyeshadow primer also helps keep cream shadows from creasing on your lids. I like to use a primer from Too Faced cosmetics. It’s called Shadow Insurance. It definitely came in handy for my sisters wedding. My eye makeup lasted all day, dancing and all!



5. Layer your eyeliner: Doing this takes a little more time. With this you’ll do just about the same thing as you would with the foundation. I would start with a pencil eyeliner first. Set that with powder and then do it again with a liquid liner or liner of your choice. I like to use Covergirls Perfect Point eyeliner. Finish off with a gel liner on top. Maybelline makes a pretty good one. Also, use waterproof!

6. Setting spray: This one may sound funny, but it helps. Once your done with your makeup, spray the setting spray all over your face and let it dry. You’re done! I like to use a simple spray from the makeup brand urban decay. This is definitely a good way to set your makeup for those extra long days out.


These tips will definitely help keep you and your makeup lookin’ great and untouched from morning till night. Or morning to morning if it’s the weekend. A lot of my makeup I get from Sephora and target. Except for the Mary Kay primer. I get that from my Mary Kay rep. Don’t have one? Just message me and you can talk to mine!!! She’s great!!

Got any other great makeup tips? Feel free to share on how you keep your makeup in place all day!!


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