Keep Your Sun Kissed Glow All Winter

Posted on Sep 26 2013 - 11:34pm by girlyadmin

Summer is coming to an end, but for me I still enjoy that sun kissed glow all year round. I highly recommend a spray tan. If you explore in your area of spray tanning businesses you will find packages to be bought which usually are cost sufficient. It’s a quick and simple way to get that golden glow through the winter season and year round. I have had my days in the sun and this method, spray tanning, sure beats the harmful UV rays.On the average it takes 60 seconds for the spray. You can wear a bathing suit (make sure it’s an old one) for those who like tan lines. For me, I prefer my birthday suit. Spray tanning usually lasts 5 to 7 days depending on the salons product. Mine last 6 days. A few tips I suggest before you head off to your spray tanning appointment.

  1. Use a mild exfoliate scrub 24-48 hours prior to spray tanning. This removes dead skin.
  2. Do not wear make-up, perfume or deodorant. This is a BIG no no.  Also don’t wear any type of lotion or moisturizer. You want the tanning solution to stick and go on evenly all over your body.
  3. Wear loose fitting clothing. I usually wear an old  t-shirt and loose cotton bottoms. The tanning spray may rub off a bit even though you’re air dried after. No worries though, the tanning spray will wash out of most fabrics. I do not recommend  wearing lycra, silk, or nylons for these have been known to stain.
  4. I have found after my tanning spray, wait a day and then moisturize on a regular basis. This seems to prolong the tan.

Remember spray tanning comes in different depths. Light color or dark. I live in a warm climate so when I travel back east for a winter visit you bet I want that golden glow tan without the suns damage. That’s a plus for me!

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