Did You Know? 10 Things Most Women Don’t Know About Nail Polish

Posted on Feb 14 2014 - 12:36pm by girlyadmin

Nail polish is a big deal in most women’s lives. It can do so much to liven up outfits and your personality. Did you know you can use polish on other things besides your nails? I know many women know a few tips and tricks, but there are even more that I never knew or heard about. Here are 10 things most women don’t know about nail polish.

Did you know…

1. You can be allergic to your nail polish? I had no idea! The main ingredient for most nail polishes is formaldehyde, and that can be an irritant for a lot of people. There are a few brands who make nail polish without formaldehyde, so be sure to read the ingredients and keep an eye out. Clinique has made a polish for those with sensitive skin but still can’t stop painting their nails.

2. You should store your polish in the fridge? That’s right! Placing nail polish in the fridge helps prolong its shelf life.

3. Clear polish isn’t just for your nails? I had heard this before. Use it for fixing runs in your tights, but I didn’t know you can use it to coat inexpensive jewelry to keep it from rusting. Awesome!

4. You don’t pick your polish color at random? It may not seem like it, but studies show that color and emotions are linked. Studies show that, “color preferences are usually a result of the relationship between unrelated items that are subconsciously stored in our memories.” (source: beautyhigh.com) On that note, try to notice how your feeling the next time you pick a color for your mani or pedi.

5. You can buy polishes to help promote the health of your nails? Some brands make polishes that have protein peptides  and vitamins in them. This can help protect them from aging and help moisturize them as well.

6. You should always apply a base and a top coat? I know this sounds kinda like a pain, but do it! Applying a base and top coat can help prevent chipping and also helps keep your polish from staining your nails. We all know how much that stinks when your nails get stained. Especially on your toes. It always makes them look a little yucky…

7. You can make your own nail polish? What!? That’s what I said when I found out. It seems to be pretty easy and can help save money from going to the salon. It’s so simple! Two ingredients: Mineral shadow and a clear inexpensive top coat. Here’s a tutorial I found on YouTube to show you exactly how to do it.

8. You can actually have a smudge free manicure? You see all these fast drying top coats, but many aren’t as fast drying as they say they are. Why not try cooking spray. It contains propellant. This evaporates quickly and helps nails dry faster. No more waiting and waiting.

9. Darker nail polish can peel and chip faster? This may sound crazy, but it’s true. I love dark nail polish, especially for the fall and winter. Darker nail polish has higher pigmentation which can make it chip faster. When applying darker polishes, try lighter strokes. This should help it last just a little bit longer.

10. You need to give your nails a break? I love having polish on, but your nails need a breather. I always try to give my toes a big breather in the winter since I’m wearing boots most of the time. This is harder to do in the summer since sandals and flip flops are all we want to wear, but give your nails about a 3 day break every 3 weeks. This will help keep them healthy. Maybe you can wear some cute ballet flats during those days.

Well there they are. The 10 things most women don’t know about nail polish. Got more great ideas and tricks? Leave a response!



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