Live an Extraordinary Life

Posted on Jan 27 2015 - 12:20am by girlyadmin

Check out these 10 ways to live an extraordinary life!be extraordinary

I know, another list. I love my lists. I have a lot of blogs that involve lists. But who doesn’t? They keep you organized and on task. On that note, I have another one for everyone. This list is one of my favorites because it is motivational.

This list has 10 ways to live an extraordinary life. Keep these in mind when you are down, or just need a little motivation to get to the gym or through your day. Check it out!

  1. Always be grateful. Never take for granted even the smallest things.
  2. Pay attention. Always be aware of what’s around you and learn from everything.
  3. Stop comparing. Comparing yourself to others only makes you feel worse. The only person you should compare yourself to is you. Be better than you were yesterday.
  4. Let go. I know, easier said than done. Letting go of things does help reduce stress and all in all makes you feel better.
  5. Make space. Anywhere and everywhere.
  6. Slow down. Always take some time to take a break.
  7. Act like a tourist. Take some more time and look around your own city or area, of places you’ve never seen. Just be a tourist in your own town!
  8. Admire small miracles. There are little miracles around you everywhere. Be aware and make time to see them.
  9. Write it down. I love journaling. I journal a lot, good or bad. Either way, write it down. You’ll feel better.
  10. And last but not least, be extraordinary! Live your life and just be extraordinary everyday!!

This list just makes me happy. It’s so fun and full of motivation. It really makes you think. Take some time to live an extraordinary life!

Source: Pinterest