How to Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer

Posted on Jan 21 2014 - 10:20pm by girlyadmin

Isn’t it frustrating when your manicure won’t last as long as your pedicure? Ever wish it could? Our hands go through a lot throughout the day. If you have a not so great manicure, then your nail polish doesn’t stand a chance. Well, I can’t promise this will help your mani last as long as your pedi, but here are some tips to help it last just a little bit longer.

1. Have shorter nails: I know most women like long nails. They look so nice and pretty! However, when you have long nails this leaves the tips more exposed. We all like to use them to peel of stickers and to help us grasp things a little better. With short nails your fingers will take most of the damage and activity, hopefully helping save you from chipped polish and nail breaks. I like long nails too, but I need mine short for typing this blog!

2. Splurge a little on a good top coat: I know not too many ladies think this is important, but it is. Applying a top coat is honestly the easiest way to keep your polish from chipping. A top coat can help your polish last up to a week. OPI has a pretty good one. Also one to try is Formula X Top Coat for Sephora.

3. Always use gloves while cleaning: Whether you’re washing dishes or cleaning the bathroom, use gloves! Chemicals from cleaning supplies and even soap and water can dry out your nails. This makes them more prone to chips. Gloves are an easy way to keep your nails from danger.

4. Be patient and allow enough time for your nails to dry: This is a hard one for me because I tend to get a little impatient; however, it’s more frustrating to me when I smudge my nails because I didn’t wait. A trick I learned to see if your nails are dry, is to gently touch the very tips of your pinky nails together. If they still feel a little sticky and tacky when you pull them away, wait just a little more. If they don’t stick at all, then your obviously good to go.

5. Seal the edge of your nail with a top coat: The edge of your nail is the spot that takes the most damage. This part of the nail is most prone to chipping. Seal off the edge of your nail with a top coat to make sure it’s protected.

6. Keep your nails strong and healthy: If you have breaks and peeling, find ways to fix it and work it into your daily beauty routine. This way it’ll become habit just like washing your face, and you’ll always have healthy nails.

7. Don’t glob and pile on the nail polish: Nobody wants their polish to look to thin, but you can’t glob on the polish either. The thicker the nail polish the more likely it is to peel off. Do thinner strokes and get just enough polish on the brush so you don’t over do it. Add another coat if you need it, again just not all at once.

8. File your nails in one direction: Filing in different directions can make the nail weak and more prone to breaking. File each nail to the left or right but not back and forth.

9. When possible stay away from hand sanitizer: This one is tough for me as I like and need my hands to be clean. I use sanitizer a lot at restaurants just because it’s easier and more convenient to clean my hands. I use it a lot after I touch my phone, menus and other germ ridden items. The alcohol in sanitizer can dry out your nails which again can cause chips. Also, it can make your polish look dull. Use mild hand soap and warm water whenever possible.

10. Apply a top coat every 3-5 days: Doing this can help continue that protection on your polish. As you know, the top coat can protect you from chips. Top coats are such life savers!

Hopefully these tips help your your nail polish last a week or two longer than usual. Any other tips, feel free to comment below and share!

Love the bright pink! Great color for spring and summer!

Love the bright pink! Great color for spring and summer!



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