How to Mix Patterns Like A Pro

Posted on Aug 7 2014 - 5:31pm by girlyadmin

I’ve always wanted to mix patterns like a pro, but have been afraid to do so. I’ve been on a big pattern kick lately as I’ve been trying to do different things for my house. This was hard for me as sometimes patterns frighten me. I’m always afraid of buying something that won’t look good.

Not too long ago, I happened to stumble on these great ways to mix patterns like a pro. This could not have come at a better time as I mentioned we just painted our kitchen for one and two, I did a new color scheme in our room. The curtains in the kitchen now have a pattern which they didn’t before, and my room has a new patterned duvet. I know it’s nothing too drastic, but I’m playing it safe as I slowly get used to mixing patterns.

Anyways, here a 10 tips on how to mix patterns like a pro.

–  First off, use an odd number of patterns. If you’re a bit nervous like I am, start with only 3. Slowly add more from there as you get comfortable (go for 5!). Also, use patterns in 3 different scales (i.e. chevron, small polka dots and floral).

–  Next, use different sizes of patterns. If you’re using 3 different ones, try small, medium and large size patterns. Doing this your patterns will compliment each other instead of compete.

Don't do this!

Don’t do this!

–  This may sound obvious, but use large patterns for large pieces of furniture and small patterns for small pieces. Be aware of your space and how the pattern will be used. Area rugs and walls are great for large patterns. Medium patterns are best with furniture or pillows. Lastly small works best with accent pieces.

–  If you already have a color scheme going in a room, find a large pattern that incorporates all the colors already being used in the room. This is where florals come in great. Since a large pattern is used, find medium and small patterns that each incorporate some of the colors.

–  If you have a room like I do with only one single color, try playing with different shades of that color. My room right now is grey with blue and yellow accents. I have found different shades of blue and yellow pieces to help coincide with the other colors. Just continue to vary the scale and patterns and you’re set.

–  Already have a lot of patterns? Throw in a solid color. That still counts and makes everything look great!

–  Try grouping together patterns that are similar. Floral doesn’t always look great close to chevron on a wall, but why not chevron and straight lines or circles? They all have a bit of the same flow. Just play around with what you have and see what works best.

Photo source: pinterest

Photo source: pinterest

–  Be sure your patterns are balanced equally throughout the space. You don’t want anything to look too busy, cluttered or uneven.

–  Stick to your color palette and use colors with consistent intensities. If you’re using pastels, you don’t want anything too bold to overpower it.

–  Lastly, to mix patterns like a pro, don’t be afraid to break any of these tips or rules! If you love patterns and want to mix every single one up, go for it! If it looks good to you that’s all that matters. Sometimes you and others will be surprised with the outcome.

photo source: pinterest

photo source: pinterest

Give these tips a try if you’ve been nervous like I have about patterns. I’ve been using these and it’s so fun and helpful. The possibilities are endless and it’s such an easy way to give a room or your whole home a little pick me up. Let us know what you think and how you were able to mix patterns like a pro!

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