Money Saver: Make Your Own Iced Coffee

Posted on Mar 24 2014 - 3:22am by girlyadmin

Iced coffee… Yummy! This is probably not an original idea, but for me and how I love iced coffee, this simple recipe is easy and delicious. I enjoy iced coffee, especially on those hot summer days. Yes you can go to those coffee shops and order one, but over time that becomes costly. For me I make my own. It takes only a few minutes.

Take your leftover coffee and refrigerate it up to seven days, or use the same day. If saving the leftover coffee, make sure it’s stored in a tight lip container or pitcher for later use.

Simply pour the coffee in a glass, add cream or milk, and a drop of liquid Stevia. Stevia is a plant base sugar sweetener, very healthy. It can be purchased at most health food shops. Or you can use about one teaspoon of sugar. You can also add flavored syrups or flavors to some simple syrup. Simple syrup is just equal parts sugar and water boiled together. I add vanilla flavoring to mine. This is better to use than regular sugar you don’t have to worry about it not dissolving as quickly. All the sugar is already dissolved! Just boil and refrigerate after for up to a month. Stir together all the ingredients into your iced coffee.

Lastly, add your ice to the coffee mixture and voila, wonderful iced coffee. Sometimes I add a dash of whip cream on top.

This is refreshing and easy to make. Just as good as those coffee shops. And for all you Keurig users, your local grocery store now sells iced coffee and iced tea K cups!

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