Neighborly Love… The Door is Always Open

Posted on Jul 21 2014 - 10:10pm by girlyadmin

Growing up in the midwest, my parents door was always open to our neighbors. Likewise with the neighbors as well. Even when I had my own home with my boys, our neighborhood was filled with neighborly love. We all would help each other and gathered on many weekends for parties or just a few drinks and conversation. We could all count on each other, doors were always open.

I understand times have changed, but moving here to the Southwest I have come to realize that neighborhoods are well, lets just say, stand offish. I’m sure not all are this way, but the two neighborhoods that I lived at prior had walls up. I remember saying to my then husband, “Nobody waves, no one says hello, does anyone here gather or socialize?” “Nope he replied!” Everyones houses in that neighborhood had these huge brick walls as fences. They were beautiful homes, but for the people living in them, doors locked and stay out! I tried a few times to get a gathering together, but the looks I received on asking was again, stay out we want to live inside our brick walls. I wonder how they treat their families?

Which brings me to the appreciation of my neighbors, and yes our doors are open. I now live next to a wonderful neighbor Greg who is awesome, kind, thoughtful and helpful to all. If one goes to the grocery store we ask, “Do you need anything?” Just today he popped over to change my air filters. How thoughtful is that!? We all have our doors open. Even his little dog Millie comes and goes as she pleases.

I have gatherings with my neighbors with great conversations and late night talks filled with laughter. There is a thoughtfulness in our neighborhood. I’m so very lucky. We all look out for each other, no brick walls here. Home is where your story begins so open your doors and hand out some neighborly love.

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