OPI Glitter Off Base Coat

Posted on Aug 19 2014 - 11:26am by girlyadmin

OPI has come out with a fairly new product in which I’m very impressed with. Leave it to OPI, which is one of my favorite brands of nail polish to come out with such a useful great product It’s called OPI Glitter Off Base Coat.

Definitely it caught my curiosity. I do my own nails and like to use all sorts of glitter nail polish and just nail polish in general, so I purchased the OPI Glitter Off Base Coat. If you ever have used glitter nail product on your nails, you know it’s very tough to remove.

glitter off

went online and ordered OPI Glitter Off Base Coat and payed $9.00 at Amazon.com. I can tell you at first hand that this schtuff is wonderful. It goes on like any regular nail polish base coat. The color is a milky white and it dries fast. Note: Not only can you use this with any nail glitter polish, but as well with any nail polish.

So this is the cool part which I’m thrilled about. When you want to change nail polish or glitter all you do is this: Lift at the corner of your nails and pull away. Your nails will be cleared of polish or glitter. It’s that simple! There is no damage to your nail bed whatsoever. This process is so easy. Lasting time on nails for me is about a week.

With the holidays approaching and parties to be had, how easy and convenient OPI Base Coat Peel Off will be. Using nail polish or glitter, OPI Glitter Off Base Coat will make it very easy to change one great color to the next.

I would like to suggest one of my favorite OPI colors for the Holidays. “It’s My Year” which is the name by OPI. It is a beautiful purple bronze/gold shimmer glitter nail polish, and yes it already has the glitter in the nail polish. For me it’s my perfect color for the holidays. Plus now using OPI Glitter Off Base Coat, my nails will always look great. Changing glitter nail polish couldn’t be easier.

I really enjoy polishing my nails with OPI Glitter Off Base Coat. It’s so easy! I’m not struggling trying to take off my old glitter nail polish when I want to change to a different nail art with glitter. I give this product OPI Glitter Off Base Coat 5 stars.

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