Organize and Utilize Your Small Kitchen Space

Posted on Apr 9 2014 - 5:59pm by girlyadmin

Nowadays many new homes come with big kitchens. This is a necessity for many growing families. But what if you don’t have a growing family? Or your children are all gone and you want to downsize? It’s hard going from a big kitchen to a smaller one. You really have to consider what you should keep and what you will use a lot. Right now I live in a little bit older home, and the kitchen is pretty tiny. Also I like to bake so I have a lot of baking items. I found some great tips on how to organize your small kitchen and utilize all space possible. Plan ahead and organize and you can definitely find more space in a small kitchen.

  • Alright first things first. Like I mentioned before, figure out what you need and don’t need. Really look around and consider what you have been using often and what you’ve never touched before or haven’t used in the past few years. A great question to ask your self is, “is there something else that will also do the same job as this?”
  • Make sure you utilize your space wisely. Have a big cabinet under the sink? Use that area for larger appliances that you don’t always want out on the counter (as they take up counter space). I know most people put cleaning products under the sink, but why not move those to the garage or a smaller cabinet as they don’t take up as much room as your mixer, blender or waffle iron.
  • On the subject of cleaning products, keep only the products you use on a daily basis nearby. Put the others somewhere else.
  • If you don’t have a lot of pantry space, then don’t overstock. Bring a grocery list with you every time and make sure double check what you really need.
  • Use all the available possible space you can. If you can add extra shelves in the pantry or cabinets, great! Try adding organizers in your utensils drawer. Also using bins can help as well.
  • Don’t have a junk drawer in the kitchen! There are always other places to have junk drawers. Again, if it’s not used in the kitchen on a daily basis, get it out of there.
  • And shelves and make your space go up. This not only gives you more storage area, but also helps create the illusion of your kitchen looking bigger. I like shelves for my baking books and containers.

I’m still sometimes finding I need space in my small kitchen, but then I come back to this list and look over what I’m doing wrong again. It always helps. This list is great at making your kitchen look comfortable and less cluttered. With time you’ll have an amazing and well organized kitchen. Thanks to for the great tips.

Here are some great photos to show you how to utilize your small kitchen space! Photo courtesy of

Here are some great photos to show you how to utilize your small kitchen space! Photo courtesy of




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