Headbands, head-wraps, bling on barrettes, sparkle on hair combs. Go all out with these hair accessories. These are a must have for this coming season. Biggest 2013 trend are hair embellishments. The right hair accessory can be an instant statement to any outfit. From major department stores to your local grocery stores, really any place carry these hair accessories. I have learned to cut corners and design my own on a dime. I usually go to any major craft store, like Hobby Lobby,... read more

With the Holidays around the corner we are using our hands for everything. To bake, cook, decorate, you name it, this can have our nails screaming for attention. Yes I have had those annoying fake nails. It was beginning to become a pain every 3 weeks to stop what I was doing and head off for my nail appointment. Plus it was costly to say the least. I have been using this product for two months. It’s called Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus. This product is simply the best on the market... read more

Getting married? Sometimes this can be stressful. So many questions from the cake to where the reception is going to be held. With all this, you’re bound to miss something along the way. Everyone is going to be looking at you from noon till nigh, and the pictures will be with you forever. Obviously you want to look your best. Here are a few questions to ask... read more

It’s that time of the year again when I want to change my hair color. My hair was a tad drab, and I needed a fresh pick me up.  I’m Blonde, but with fall and winter around the corner I needed more depth to my color. After talking to my hair stylist on what the hot trends in hair color were for this coming fall and winter, I was told to go with deeper honey tones. This process is done with lowlights and highlights. For brunettes, my stylist suggests to go with streaks of copper... read more

Ever stare at a closet full of your clothes and think, “I have absolutely nothing to wear.” Getting dressed can be a real pain sometime, especially when you’re having a lazy day. I search and search my closet and always end up wearing some sweats and a tank. Well, hopefully this won’t be a problem anymore, even when you’re not fully energized. I came up with a quick list of some simple outfits that are easy to find and still stylish as ever, right... read more

Summer is coming to an end, but for me I still enjoy that sun kissed glow all year round. I highly recommend a spray tan. If you explore in your area of spray tanning businesses you will find packages to be bought which usually are cost sufficient. It’s a quick and simple way to get that golden glow through the winter season and year round. I have had my days in... read more

It’s fall meaning it’s time for everything pumpkin!! I’m a huge pumpkin fan, and a beer fan too. So obviously I love it when you combine the two together. Here are a few tasty pumpkin beers I’ve tried that I think you may enjoy too. I started with my personal favorite. Shock Top Pumpkin Wheat Ale: This one is great with the most pumpkin flavor.... read more

It’s that time of year again when we appreciate and look forward to those wonderful fall scents. I recently purchased a cinnamon fragrance twig broom from Trader Joe’s. The large broom is very nice looking and the fragrance of cinnamon is delightful. They sell two sizes small and large. I place my large broom in the hallway and the small one in my kitchen. The fragrance last about two months. After the cinnamon scent fades I spray the brooms with my favorite holiday... read more

Lots of people are in relationships, some for the right reasons and some unfortunately for the wrong. It’s hard to leave a relationship when you’ve been with someone for quite sometime. Sometimes it’s even hard to leave after a short period of time. Most people don’t like to be lonely, which is why we make excuses to stay in a bad relationship.... read more

Make your own simple fall arrangement this season. This fun DIY simple fall arrangement has worked for me over the years. It’s easy, fun and inexpensive. You will only need four items to make this arrangement complete. Here they are! 2-3 branches of any kind, with no leaves. 1 clear glass container that can be found at any dollar store. A can of spray paint,... read more