Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and that means it’s time for turkey. Thanksgiving is this Thursday to be exact. Hopefully you’ve purchased all your groceries and all the means needed to make your amazing Thanksgiving dinner. If you’re not cooking, even better! Either way, we have 17 turkey mistakes that most people make every year when cooking... read more

Tis’ the season for being a volunteer! With Thanksgiving around the corner, it brings to mind the heartfelt kindness of volunteering. It’s good for your spirit, and is most rewarding for sure.Giving your time to others in need or just creating an event to help others is priceless. Let’s face it. In this world today greed is in full force, but I believe if we can change our thinking, volunteering can be a life changing experience for all involved.  Even children can... read more

Fashion trends. Have you ever wondered how fashion trends become a style everyone has to have, or why the color and design is chosen? I have to admit these questions and many more have always crossed my mind. How, why, who decides on color, design, pattern and everything else. I came across an article from titled, “The True Story About How Fashion Trends Are Born.” This article is fascinating. I never guessed in a million years there is so much thought,... read more

Most people use a wedding seating chart for their big day. If you’re going to have a formal wedding, a seating chart is probably a good idea. A wedding seating chart is also great for big weddings. To save you some stress, we have 5 great tips to create a perfect wedding seating chart. First thing and probably the most obvious is assign tables. Assigning tables not only helps you, but your guests as well so they’re not awkwardly looking for a place to sit. It’s... read more

Workout clothes are getting so fashionable these days. I love workout clothes, even when I’m not working out. Many women nowadays want to feel good and look good at the gym. I know that when I feel like I look good at the gym, it gives me a confidence boost and I find myself working out a little bit harder. If you haven’t noticed yet (believe me I have), workout clothes can be pretty pricey. Well have no fear! We have 6 great places to find cute, affordable workout... read more

Another healthy chicken recipe coming your way! Chicken is a lean meat that is easy to cook, with so many different ways to cook it. This chicken recipe calls for baking. It makes your house smell great and has so many great flavors. You can pair it with anything. I usually pair mine with fresh veggies and/or the famous cranberry and kale salad. Haven’t seen that recipe yet? Just click here! Lastly, pair it with brown rice or even quinoa to get some more protein! This chicken... read more

How to DIY ornaments this holiday season! If you think about how close the holidays are it’s time to begin a to do list. I have found when decorating my home, tree, or any room I like to put together a color theme. A friend told me of a wonderful DIY project for making nail polish ornaments. This is perfect for anyone who has a color theme in mind, and it’s very... read more

I just made this quinoa chicken and veggie skillet the other day. It’s packed full of protein, and you can add whatever veggies you’d like to it. Here are the ingredients and instructions in case you want to try it yourself at home! This quinoa chicken and veggie skillet recipe serves about 6 people, and the amount per serving is about 2 cups. Lastly, the calories are about 360 per serving. Not too bad right!? Ingredients: 1 large onion, minced 6 cloves of garlic,... read more

Ok ladies it’s that time of year to get out your knee high boots and wear them. I am so thrilled fall is here. I love my knee high boots. They are so fashionable and again, as always, knee high boots are ever so hot for fall and winter. On the runways we are seeing knee high boots being carried into spring. Knee high boots are very versatile and can be worn with dresses, skinny jeans, leggings or whatever you choose. I enjoy wearing all three items with my knee high boots.... read more

Do you need some packing tips for moving? Nobody really likes to move. It can be a great change and also fun to set up your new home, but actually packing things in boxes can be a pain. If you’re going to move sometime soon, we have 5 great packing tips for moving to help you out! These tips for moving are great to help keep you organized and your stress level... read more