Photofacial… A Must Try!!

Posted on Jan 6 2014 - 12:52am by girlyadmin

Photo anyone? Talk about sun damage, especially on my face. A friend suggested I try a treatment called Photofacial. I had noticed something different about her face but couldn’t figure it out. Her sunspots were faded almost to the point of gone and she had this beautiful even skin tone. She began to explain she had a treatment called Photofacial.

My face and neck have sun damage from back in the day… you know laying out to catch those rays. Well because of it I have sun spots and uneven skin tone. When I wear makeup it’s not bad, however I wish all sunspots to be gone. I found a wonderful spa that does Photofacials. Why not, I’ll  give this a try. My treatment began with a cleansing of my face and neck. A pair of dark eye glasses were placed on my eyes. Next a numbing cream was applied over my face and neck. OK here I go…Gentle pulses of laser light were applied to the surface of my face and neck. The sensation was similar to a pinch, like being snapped with a rubber band. Within 20 minutes I was done.

OK… now what about healing?? My Aesthetician told me that within 3 days after the Photofacial treatment, the dark sun damaged spots that looked liked like coffee grinds will flake off. Yes that process of flaking happened.Within a week’s time I notice my face and neck… skin tone evened out and I was left with a wonderful fresh look. My sun spots were dramatically faded and almost gone. It was well worth those little pinches and flakey coffee grinds. There is no down time . Next day I was wearing my makeup. A few of my friends have said…you look refreshed, what are you doing? Needless to say they have noticed. So have I! Photofacial is a wonderful treatment. Price ranges from $75.00 on up. I’ve seen Photofacial go for as much 600.00 per visit, so please shop around.  I paid $99.00 for mine. A quick note… make sure when you look around for treatment (i.e. Photofacial), your Aesthetician is Board Certified. Photofacial also works wonders on Rosacea as well. Go for it…You’ll be delightfully happy with the outcome of your Photofacial.

For all you Phoenix natives, I go to reCreate spa. I see a wonderful aesthetician, Debbie Gibson R.D.H., M.A. She is a Certified Laser Technician. She and her staff are outstanding! Her address is 7373 E. Doubletree Ranch Rd #165. Scottsdale, AZ 85258.

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