How to Prevent Overpacking

Posted on Jul 10 2014 - 9:52pm by girlyadmin

I used to really bad about overpacking when going on vacation. I’m sure most women have a problem with overpacking. You want to be sure you have the perfect outfit for every occasion, but how much is too much? Studies show that 9 out of 10 women never wear all their clothes or shoes they pack for a vacation. Crazy! Now that summer is here, many people are going on vacation before school starts back up again. Don’t want to overpack this time around? Check out these 8 simple ways to prevent overpacking brought to you by the great people from


1. First off before you do any packing at all, be sure you plan out your outfits. Think about all your plans and what you want to wear on what day. Same goes for shoes. If you’re going to go out with friends but not quite sure what the plans are, wear something that can work for a nice fun happy hour and a dance club. On that note, try to bring something that goes with multiple outfits and can be worn more than once.

2. Once you figure out everything you want to bring, make a checklist so you don’t forget anything. Break everything down into categories to make it easier.

printable packing checklist from

printable packing checklist from

3. Try packing flexible clothes. Find things that are easy to mix and match and can easily go from a day to night look. If you’re going somewhere cold, try bringing only one jacket that goes with everything. Bring basic staple items of clothing that can always go with anything.

4. Roll your clothes. I always do this, and you’ll be amazed at how much room this can save you. It also helps keep down some wrinkles.


5. Be sure to bring only the shoes you need. I’m terrible at this as I always bring too many shoes. So again, make a list of exactly what shoes you need and will for sure wear. Shoes are bulky and take up tons of space so be smart with your shoes. At most bring 3 pairs, a sneaker, a sandal and a heel.

6. Only bring small, travel or sample size products. Not only do you cut down on the risk of something exploding in your bag, but you save tons of space. I’m very specific about what shampoo and conditioner I use, so I bought my own travel size bottles from Ikea to put my own products in.

7. I love this next idea! Put your jewelry in a pill box. Obviously this would only work for your smaller jewelry, but it’s still such a good idea and a great way to not lose any small pieces like rings or earring studs. Store your jewelry in each individual compartment.


8. Last but not least, if you’re bringing any bulky items or clothing, wear it on the plane. This definitely helps give you more space in your bag.

So next time you travel, pack smarter not harder! Let us know of any other great bag spacing ideas to help make your next vacation a little bit easier.

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