Simple Christmas Decorations For Your Home

Posted on Dec 10 2014 - 11:01pm by girlyadmin

Want some new Christmas decorations this year for your home?

If you’re tired of doing the same decorating every year for the holidays, why not check out our simple, cute and best of all cheap ideas to spice up your Christmas decorations. I found all these fun ideas on Pinterest. Each one cost about $10 or less. Here they are!

–  My first idea I’m sharing I actually saw for Halloween. I thought, “Why can’t you do the same thing for Christmas?” Here’s what you do. You go to the dollar store and buy an 8×10 frame. Next, by those sticky, jelly like window clings (I bought mine at Big Lots), and place them on the glass frame. Here is the end result!

Simple and cute right!? Last time my sister was here, she was taking pictures of them and couldn’t believe what a cute idea it was. That’s my first simple and cheap Christmas decoration.

–  The second idea for Christmas decorations involves a lantern. I found a simple white lantern at Ikea for about $4, and I filled it with smaller Christmas ornaments. The ornaments I found at the dollar store. The lanterns at Ikea come in black or white. I’ve also been told you can find inexpensive lanterns at Lowes. Here’s the result for these Christmas decorations.


These next two ideas I haven’t tried but probably will soon! Again these ideas were also found on Pinterest.

–  For this one, go to the dollar store or any place that sells wide, inexpensive candles. Wrap them in a thick strip of Christmas wrapping paper that covers the most of the candle. You can cut the size to your preference though. Put them on a long rectangle dish, and fill the dish with dollar store ornaments. That’s it!

source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest

–  Lastly, I have not done this last of the inexpensive Christmas decorations as I have not accumulated enough burnt out Christmas bulbs. Anyways, If you have burnt out Christmas light bulbs, save them and dip them in glue then in glitter. The end result is so pretty! Put them in a bowl or even a lantern. Find the simple tutorial here. 

source: Pinterest

source: Pinterest

These Christmas decorations are so simple and inexpensive, anyone can do them! I hope this inspires you to amp up your Christmas decorations this year!