How to Wear Your Summer Clothes in the Fall

Posted on Sep 12 2013 - 6:28pm by girlyadmin

Don’t hide your summer clothes just yet.

There are still some fun ways you can wear them as the leaves begin to change. I mean, let’s face it, not everyone is ready to get rid of those fun florals or shorts just yet. Here are a few simple ways to wear your summer clothes in the fall.

1.  A light colored bag: If you have a white or cream colored bag, don’t be afraid to hang on to it for the fall. Pair it with darker, solid colors to make it more fall appropriate.

2.  Jeans: Carry your favorite pair of skinny jeans through the fall by pairing them with trendy metallics. A helpful hint, grey jeans work great with a bronze or gold metallic shirt.

3.  Shorts: One way to make these more fall appropriate, pair them with a sheer blouse with a jacket over it. Adding leggings and booties gives a little extra warmth and style as well. Almost like a suit! You can also layer with a long coat or cape or even a vest to help keep you a little warmer on those fall nights.

4.  The Maxi Dress and Skirt: Maxi skirts and dresses were a popular trend this past summer. No reason to put that trend away just yet. Pair either with a sheer sweater to give it a warmer look and feel for the fall.

5.  Sundresses: Even if you have a floral summery sundress, pair it with a great leather jacket to keep you warm and give you a hip rocker look. Also, change up your shoes a bit. Swap out strappy sandals and wedges for a closed-toe heel or flat.

Simple as that ladies! Let us know if you have any other fun ideas or ways to wear your summer clothes into the fall.

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