Sincera Chardonnay, Take A Sip!

Posted on Jul 30 2014 - 4:08am by girlyadmin

Sincera Chardonnay is one of my absolute favorite wines. It’s very nice on the palette, and best of all easy on your wallet! I find this lovely wine at Bevmo for only $10 with my Bevmo Club card. Don’t worry, this isn’t a credit card. It’s just a simple card that gets you points and discounts when you shop.

So back to the Sincera Chardonnay. This wine is very easy to drink. It’s not very acidic, so there’s no uncomfortable burn. It has a light, crisp taste of green apple, lime and pear. It finishes with a light taste of oak and vanilla. Slightly fruity but not too sweet. I love this as I’m not a huge fan of sweet wines. This wine pairs well with chicken, and fish such as sea bass and scallops. As I mentioned in my skinny orange chicken recipe, this wine pairs great with that as well.

My mom loves chardonnay so I had her try this Sincera Chardonnay, and she loves it! It’s her new favorite as well. She doesn’t have a Bevmo where she lives so when she comes to visit it’s fun to grab a bottle and sip and catch up. My boyfriend’s not much of a wine drinker and he even loves this one!


Sincera Chardonney

So give this wine a try and let us know what you think. I promise you won’t be disappointed, especially for that price!


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