Smile! It’s Contagious

Posted on Jul 11 2014 - 7:30pm by girlyadmin

In this wonderful but sometimes confusing world a smile can show an inviting, “hello” or make someones day. I have done this little experiment for the past two weeks. Everywhere I went I smiled at whoever crossed my path.


The results were amazing. Many smiles and nods, but the beautiful happenings that occurred were priceless. People would stop and say, “It’s so refreshing to see a smile,” and then chat for awhile. Others mention that my smile had brightened their day. Oh the magic of a smile!


I was at my local grocery market smiling with every step I took. An older gentleman approached me and said “Thank you for your smile. I just lost my wife, and I’m feeling somewhat lost. When I looked up and saw you smiling at me which my wife did all the time, I had to smile back. Thank you, your name?” I said,  “Lindsey.” He said, “Well my dear you just made my day, today will be a good day. You brought back memories of my wife smiling to whom ever she met, thank you.” I was happy I touched someone’s life today. He walked away with a huge smile and a bounce in his step.


A few days ago early in the morning I was at the car wash vacuuming my mats inside my truck. As I went around the other side to vacuum out the back I noticed the lady next to me was in a bad mood. Her actions were speaking volumes, and one could feel her energy. Looking at her I smiled and said “ beautiful morning.” She glared at me and said “It’s going to be so hot and sticky today and I’m overwhelmed with errands I need to run. Still smiling I said, “You’re right on it being hot and sticky, but how lucky we are to have air conditioning  in our cars to keep us cool and on this beautiful early morning we’re not waiting in line to vacuum out our cars.” She looked at me with a huge smiled and said “You know you’re right when you put it that way.” I smiled back and said, “Have an awesome day.” Still smiling she said, “Thank you I will.”

You see a smile really is contagious. The smile you pass on today will touch many. You’ll never know when your smile could save a life or be the only smile a person would see the whole day. What an awesome gift we can give to one another… A smile!


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