Snack Healthy with Almond Butter

Posted on Jul 18 2014 - 6:02pm by girlyadmin

These days I know more and more people who are doing their best to eat healthy. I for one think it’s essential to at least try to keep one’s eating habits in check. We all know almonds are extremely healthy for you, and the way I get my almonds is through almond butter. Peanut butter I would occasionally have, but almond butter is my all time nut spread.

I purchase mine through my local grocery market. Organic almonds are placed in a grinder container (somewhat like a coffee grinder) that takes the whole almond and grinds it turning it into almond butter. The cost can vary. I usually pay $4.49 per pound on sale.

almond butter

I spread my almond butter on bagel thins, apples, even a spoonful in my yogurt. Absolutely delicious. From almonds you get more vitamins and minerals than from any other nut such as iron, fiber, calcium and potassium. It’s also considered a healthy fat. Below you’ll find a link from on the benefits of almond butter compared to peanut butter.

I keep almond butter in my kitchen all the time. It’s a product that I truly enjoy all that it has to offer. If you have never tried almond butter please take note and try this wonderful healthy spread. Many health factors in this little nut called almond!



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