Spring Clean Your Makeup Bag! Makeup Expiration Dates

Posted on Apr 22 2014 - 6:10pm by girlyadmin

Ever wonder when you should throw out your makeup? Most women know when to throw out some makeup such as mascara and eyeliner, but what about blush, eyeshadow, foundation, and different types of liner? That’s right. Not all eyeliner is the same. And even if your blush and shadows are powder, they still have an expiration on them. I found this great list of expiration dates from the fabulous site, makeup.com.¬†Here’s a quick run through of when to throw out certain items.

Mascara: Because of its liquid consistency this should be thrown out after 3 months.

Eyeliner: If it’s a liquid liner, throw it out after 6 months. Pencil liners can last up to 2 years

Foundation: Liquid foundations should last up to a year, however if they begin to smell funny or show discoloration throw it out.

Lipgloss: Another liquid consistency, so throw it out after 12 months

Lipstick: This can last longer than lipgloss. It’s expiration, about 2 years. Throw it out though if it becomes dry or the color begins to change.

Concealer: This depends again on the consistency. Liquid concealers should be tossed after a year where as powders can keep up to 2 years.

Powders: When it comes to powder blush, bronzer, or eyeshadow, these should be thrown out after about 2 years. Helpful hint: When you purchase your powders, write the date on it when you buy them. That way you can keep track of when to toss them out.

Nail Polish: These should last up to 2 years. Some bottles even have expiration dates on them (who knew!) If they begin to smell funny or show discoloration, get rid of them.

Link: makeup.com
photo source: makeup.com

photo source: makeup.com





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