Stronger Nails with Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus

Posted on Oct 1 2013 - 10:02pm by girlyadmin

With the Holidays around the corner we are using our hands for everything. To bake, cook, decorate, you name it, this can have our nails screaming for attention. Yes I have had those annoying fake nails. It was beginning to become a pain every 3 weeks to stop what I was doing and head off for my nail appointment. Plus it was costly to say the least. I have been using this product for two months. It’s called Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus. This product is simply the best on the market for problem nails. It’s a liquid protein that coats your nails which in return protects them from splitting, peeling and breaking. It enhances the growth of the nail as well. I use it every time I change my colored nail polish. My nails today are strong, healthy and long.

Apply Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus to your clean unpolished nails and let dry (which takes about 60 seconds), then apply your nail polish. Never in the past did I have beautiful nails until I started to use Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus. It’s not costly at around $9.99. Most of your major drugstores will carry this product. Nailtiques also has other products that are equally superb, but my favorite is Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus. This nail formula is worth its weight in gold. You won’t be disappointed. Four stars on this product!


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